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Illustration Friday : Disguise

They could disguise their love no longer.

Okay, okay, I know this one’s a stretch. For weeks now, I have been in a terrible creative slump. I’ve tried everything to get out of it, including spending WAY too much money on art supplies. Nothing is working.

Every week, I try to come up with something for Illustration Friday. And every week I fail miserably. The image above was not what I intended to submit this week. I spent a couple of hours last night working on something that seemed like a good idea in my head, but just would not translate to paper.

What you see above is actually a little illustration I did as a gift for a friend of mine. She is a dental hygienist and I framed this little piece for her to put in her sons’ bathroom to remind them to brush their teeth (as if having a hygienist for a mother isn’t reminder enough!).

It didn’t scan very well, probably because I used pearlescent watercolors (from one of my art supply binges), but it is actually kind of cute with the mat and frame.

Please don’t ask why the tooth appears to have a unibrow. I have no idea what happened there.

Anyway, it was the best I could do in the absence of my muse.

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