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A Little Passover Art

Last night was the first Seder of Passover. In celebration of the holiday, Sir’s class put on a Passover program at school last week. In general, I have been a little disappointed with the lack of art projects coming home from Sir’s school, but last Thursday he had a backpack FULL of painted, glittered, and glued artistic offerings.

From a festively painted posterboard hammer (with which to bang! bang! bang! like our ancestors in Egypt) to a glitter encrusted kiddush cup (just like Moses and the Israelites used while wandering in the desert, I’m sure!), it was a kid art extravaganza the likes of which we had never seen.

The most interesting piece was a paper plate turned Seder plate. Each of the kids had their own plate on which pictures of the symbolic foods of the holiday were printed. Looking at each of the plates, it was obvious that the kids had been given a range of colors to use to paint their plates – green, pink, blue, brown. Then, I got to Sir’s plate, which was…gray.

You know how there’s always the one kid who feels the need to mix ALL of the paint colors together until they make a lovely muddy grayish-brown mess? Well, that’s MY son! He also attempted to cover every visible speck of white on the plate with his brilliant concoction. My boy is nothing if not thorough!

During the program, the parents got to help their kids make a matzah cover from a square of muslin and some paint dabbers. I tried to offer my assistance in an effort to make it a collaborative project, but Sir was not down with that. He had very specific plans in mind, which mostly included banging each of the paint dabbers as hard as he could so that the paint would saturate through to the other side of the cloth and on to the table (all the while, smearing his chocolate matzah-covered fingers all over anything that got in his way).

Have I mentioned that I’m a tad OCD when it comes to messes? Heh.

My favorite project was the frog hat. Each of the kids in Sir’s class had one on when they walked in to start the program – a bunch of two-year-olds with glittery green frogs hopping back and forth on their heads is almost too cute for words. And then they sang the frog song…

One morning when Pharoah awoke in his bed
There were frogs in his bed, and frogs on his head
Frogs on his nose and frogs on his toes
Frogs here, frogs there
Frogs were jumping everywhere.

Aww. Happy Passover!

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