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Illustration Friday : Swept

Wow, this is the earliest that I have finished an Illustration Friday submission. And, at only 2.5 x 1.25″, it is also my smallest Illustration Friday submission to date.

This was actually one of the two-color swatches that I mentioned earlier. I started doodling on a couple of them and thought that this one looked like the perfect setting for my favorite paper boat. So, here it is, being swept away by the sea. I hope it ends up somewhere better than where it started.

watercolor + alcohol + colored pencil on paper



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Wishy Washy

Last night, I tried something new. And it totally didn’t turn out how I envisioned or expected it to. I’m trying to like it, but, despite being happy with a few elements of it and the fact that it was well-received by some of my critics (heh), I’m still feeling kind of meh.

I used several of my newly acquired Derwent watercolor pencils, which I totally love. What I don’t love is the paper I used. It’s some Strathmore 300 series watercolor paper that I got on the cheap and I hate the texture (for this type of work, at least). The ink bled as soon as it hit the page, making my lines distractingly wonky. I much prefer the 400 series, although I think this paper would work well for 3D/shadow box work. So, it’s not a total loss.

Aside from the technical issues (and a few color choices that I’m not pleased with), it’s not a bad piece. My favorite part is the paper boat, which I think will be making an appearance in some similar pieces I have in mind.

On to the next one!

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