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Exhaustion and Randomness

A long day of Back to School shopping for Sir yesterday has left me completely wiped out. Far be it from me to leave my loyal readers without a regular dose of my insanity and random Ruthiness, however. So, here you go…

  • If you have not yet entered the Big Blogiversary Giveaway, GO! NOW! HURRY! Seriously, you have just over 24 hours to enter and I highly suggest you do. I mean, you could win free ORIGINAL ART (Unless, of course, you hate my art and are trying to make a statement by not entering. Is that what you’re doing? Huh? Is it?).
  • I’m getting kind of excited about my new project. I shipped my first Box Full of Awesome order this week and the best part was putting together the little envelope of ‘extras’ to include. Did I mention that every Box Full of Awesome comes with FREE extra goodies? It’s true, they do! Check out the cool stuff I added to the shop this week.
  • Izzy the Dog Sings a Duet was featured on the We Draw Dogs illustration blog last week. Very exciting! You can see it here.
  • hello seven received a nice mention here last week too! (I definitely needed the ego boost!)
  • I have effectively ended my 365 Project. I honestly have neither the time nor the inclination to continue on with it. Totally lame, I know. I mean, I made it to Day 326. But it was starting to stress me out and the quality of my photos was suffering. So, I’ll just go back to shooting when I feel like shooting. What can I say? I’m a quitter.
  • Speaking of photos, I’m working on adding 4×6 and 8×10 prints of my Love Letter to Northern Michigan series to the Etsy shop. For now, if you would like a size that isn’t currently available, please feel free to send me a message and I’ll get what you need added to the shop ASAP.

I’m sure there’s something I’m leaving out, but I can barely keep my eyes open, so I must begin my pursuit of caffeinated beverages now, lest I pass out and accomplish absolutely nothing today. That just would not do!

photo : one of my favorite illustrations from a 1956 Better Homes and Gardens magazine



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Winners! Yay!

Well, kids, random.org has spoken and here’s what it said.

*obligatory drum roll*

Winner of the ‘izzy the dog picks a flower’ print is Vicki!

Winner of the ‘izzy the dog sings a duet’ print is Kathy!

Winner of the ‘izzy the dog in the rain print’ is Jeanie!

(Winners, please check your email for a message from hello seven about how to get your print.)

Mazel tov to all of the winners and a BIG thank you to everyone who sent good thoughts our way during the Izzy Ordeal.

So, if you didn’t win and you still really, really, really want an izzy the dog print of your very own, you can find them in my Etsy shop. Some of you will be happy to see that ‘izzy the dog sings a duet’ is now available for purchase AND (since I had some requests) ‘izzy the dog’s journey is over’ will also available as a print very soon!

Also, a portion of the proceeds from sales of these prints will benefit Dogs Finding Dogs who were instrumental in helping us bring Izzy home.

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Illustration Friday : Journey

the journey is over

There has been a lot of snoozing going on around here since Izzy ended her 24-day journey through the wilds of Baltimore County/City. Heh.

Speaking of which, don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY. It ends this Friday and you can win one of three Izzy the Dog prints. Cool.

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The Great Izzy Giveaway!

No, no, no, I’m not giving away Izzy. After all, we just got her back and no one in this family is willing to give her up!

You can, however, win your very own limited edition Izzy the Dog art print. Sweet!

I’m feeling extra generous with this giveaway. So, I am giving away not one, but THREE prints – one of each from my current Izzy the Dog series. Here they are:

izzy the dog picks a flower
izzy the dog picks a flower


izzy the dog sings a duet
izzy the dog sings a duet
izzy the dog in the rain
izzy the dog in the rain

Each print is signed and numbered and ready for matting/framing.

I will be choosing three winners at random (using the random number generator at random.org as usual). The print you get will correspond to the order in which your number was chosen (i.e. the first person chosen gets ‘izzy the dog picks a flower’ and so on…).

So, how do you enter? It’s super easy. Just leave a comment on THIS POST. You can leave well-wishes for Izzy or just say ‘hello’. Leave only ONE comment please. You can leave your comment any time between now and next Friday, April 22 when I will close comments and choose the winners.

Good luck! And, if you just can’t wait, you can always buy the first two prints in this series from my Etsy shop – proceeds to benefit Dogs Finding Dogs.


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Found: One (Really) Smelly, Barky, Stubborn, Lovable, Exhausted Dog

It’s true! It’s true! After 24 days, Izzy the dog is HOME!

Last night, I didn’t sleep. It was hot in our house. It had been a miserable day of Izzy searching. And at midnight, we got a somewhat upsetting call about Izzy’s whereabouts.

She had been spotted several times in a neighborhood in Baltimore City and that is where we had been concentrating our search efforts. In the course of our searching and flyer-posting, I found myself garnering some very strange looks from people around the neighborhood. The local residents were obviously wary of my slow-moving mini-van and the two-year-old shouting ‘Iiiizzzzzy come home!’ out the window. Heh.

After posting a few flyers and speaking to a few people, I managed to establish myself as a mostly non-threatening character. Unfortunately, no one that I had spoken to had seen Izzy.

Yesterday evening, Big Sir met with our search team from Dogs Finding Dogs to do a tracking sniff around the neighborhood and set up a feeding station. The tracking dog took them to backyards of two different abandoned houses in the area. After speaking to the owner of a house next door to one of the abandoned houses, they were allowed to set up a feeding station near where Izzy had been spotted several times.

With the feeding station established, Big Sir came home for the night. At around 9pm, we received two calls one right after the other. Izzy was making her way through the neighborhood. One of the callers tried to catch her, but she was too fast (I know, a fast Basset Hound sounds like an oxymoron for sure). Neither of us was comfortable with going into a strange neighborhood at night, so we decided to wait until morning to follow up.

We went to bed. I didn’t sleep.

At midnight, the phone rang. It was a man one street over from where we had set up the feeding station. He said that Izzy was lying on his front lawn. We asked him if he could try to very calmly approach her and/or possibly lure her with food. He didn’t seem very interested in doing this and tried to convince my husband to come down there. It was far too late and the surrounding area is not a very safe place to be at night. So, we tried again to convince this man to approach her. He started questioning us about the reward and the conversation deteriorated from there.

In the morning, we decided that I would go out searching while Sir was at school. I harnessed Yofi and we headed down to where Izzy had been spotted. It was starting to rain. Izzy hates getting wet. The likelihood of her being out in the open wasn’t good.

As I drove slowly down the street, a woman in her bathrobe approached me. She told me that it was her husband who had called the night before and that they had seen Izzy many times before finally seeing one of our flyers. She then showed me where they had seen her – in the backyard of an abandoned house. She told me that she had been there everyday for four or five days just hanging out. One of Izzy’s favorite things to do is to lie around on her side sunning herself in the backyard. We call this activity ‘pigging’ because she looks like a hog with her big Basset belly (she had also been seen pigging several times in the backyard where we had set up the feeding station).

After several unnecessary reassurances that it would be safe for me to get out of my car and look around (because ‘there are police who live in this neighborhood’), I parked my car, grabbed Yofi, and began traipsing through the abandoned, overgrown, trash-filled yard calling for Izzy. She wasn’t there. The woman I had spoken to beckoned me to her yard. She showed me some other places they had seen Izzy (specifically, the yards across the street and the alley that runs behind some houses and businesses). I looked up the alley and saw several garbage bags that had been ripped open. I was sure that Izzy was to blame. But she was nowhere in sight.

Cold and wet, we headed back to the car to search the next block over. The rain was starting to really come down, but I wanted to check the feeding station. We walked up and down the street calling for Izzy. We searched another abandoned backyard. We were completely drenched. I decided that we should just go home and try again when the rain let up.

It rained all day.

Finally, at about 5:15, the four of us (Big Sir, Sir, Yofi, and yours truly) arrived back at the first abandoned house. We called for Izzy, but there was no sign of her. We checked the alley. No Izzy. We decided to check the feeding station. I stayed in the car with Sir, while B. and Yofi headed across the street and through the yards. Sir was antsy, he really wanted to get out, but it was still cold and rainy. We waited and then I heard jingling. I looked in the rearview mirror and there they were! My husband and not one, but TWO doggies!

When they went to check the feeding station, B. heard jingling coming from inside the fence of the abandoned house next door. He took Yofi over and there, standing in the middle of the backyard was Izzy! She ran right over to Yofi and jumped up to lick B.’s face as he put her leash on her. When they got to the car, she jumped right in. Sir shouted ‘Izzy! Hug! Kiss!’

Unfortunately, the filth she was covered in and the horrendous stink emanating from her hindered any hugging or kissing attempts. We brought her home and put her straight into the bath. She was not happy about that, but as soon as she was out, she went downstairs to roll all over her favorite couch and then ran in circles around the basement. She drank a ton of water, peed on the floor, and we knew our Izzy was home!

She has definitely lost some weight and it looks like she may have gotten scratched by something as some of the fur on her nose is missing and there are some mostly-healed scratches. But, other than that, she’s the same old Izzy. We were told to keep an eye on her for a couple of days and then take her to the vet, which we were planning on doing anyway. Hopefully, she will be released with a clean bill of health.

There is so much more that I have to say about this situation, but it will have to wait. After 24 days, it’s finally time for this family to get a good night’s sleep.

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Illustration Friday : Duet

Two years before Izzy became a part of our family, we brought home a fuzzy little black and white ball of fur and named her Yofi. Among her littermates, she was known as Crybaby and, after 10 years, she has yet to show any signs of shedding that moniker. From the moment we brought her home, it was ‘Wee. Wee! WEE!’. Despite her propensity for near-constant crying, Yofi is probably the happiest dog you’ll ever meet. She has a chronic case of Happy Tail and constant goofy dog-grin on her face.

When Izzy came to live with us, the two became fast friends (much to the chagrin of our other dog and leader of the pack, Millie). As Izzy grew, her puppy yip quickly turned into a deep, booming ‘RAH-rooooooo!’, typical of Basset Hounds. We had always been able to tell our dogs apart by the way they ‘speak’ – Millie is a woofer, Yofi is a wee-er, and Izzy is a roo-er. Then, one day, we heard a new sound coming from the backyard. It was definitely a roo, but it wasn’t coming from Izzy.

Yofi, our constant kvetcher, had developed a new Basset Hound-ish bark!

She has also picked up a little of Millie’s distinct woof over the years. I blame it on Middle Child Syndrome. Heh.

Poor Yofi, she is so confused and devastated by Izzy’s absence. I think I’ve only heard her roo once since Izzy disappeared.

I tried something different with the background of this illustration and I’m really disappointed. I am hoping to redo this piece and add it to my collection of Izzy the Dog prints.

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