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In the Meantime…

My muse still has not returned to me. I have been biding my time and looking for any kind of creative distraction I can find, the latest being creating Etsy treasuries. I thought I would share them today. The vintage ones were created under my Box Full of Awesome account. The second one is from hello seven. Click the images to be taken to the actual treasuries on Etsy.

Orange you glad it’s vintage?


Around and around we go…


Upsy daisy!


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Illustration Friday : Duet

Two years before Izzy became a part of our family, we brought home a fuzzy little black and white ball of fur and named her Yofi. Among her littermates, she was known as Crybaby and, after 10 years, she has yet to show any signs of shedding that moniker. From the moment we brought her home, it was ‘Wee. Wee! WEE!’. Despite her propensity for near-constant crying, Yofi is probably the happiest dog you’ll ever meet. She has a chronic case of Happy Tail and constant goofy dog-grin on her face.

When Izzy came to live with us, the two became fast friends (much to the chagrin of our other dog and leader of the pack, Millie). As Izzy grew, her puppy yip quickly turned into a deep, booming ‘RAH-rooooooo!’, typical of Basset Hounds. We had always been able to tell our dogs apart by the way they ‘speak’ – Millie is a woofer, Yofi is a wee-er, and Izzy is a roo-er. Then, one day, we heard a new sound coming from the backyard. It was definitely a roo, but it wasn’t coming from Izzy.

Yofi, our constant kvetcher, had developed a new Basset Hound-ish bark!

She has also picked up a little of Millie’s distinct woof over the years. I blame it on Middle Child Syndrome. Heh.

Poor Yofi, she is so confused and devastated by Izzy’s absence. I think I’ve only heard her roo once since Izzy disappeared.

I tried something different with the background of this illustration and I’m really disappointed. I am hoping to redo this piece and add it to my collection of Izzy the Dog prints.

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