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Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have THREE Winners!

So, my biggest giveaway yet has come to a close. While I am a little sad that the response was not as great as it was for past giveaways, I am very happy to be announcing the following three winners!


  • Winner #1 (who will receive a framed original watercolor and alcohol painting by yours truly) – Elizabeth!
  • Winner #2 (who will receive two prints from my Love Letter to Northern Michigan photo series) – Stacie!
  • Winner #3 (who will receive one art print from my Etsy shop) – Emily!


Congratulations to all three of you! And thank you so much to everyone who entered the giveaway (and to everyone who reads/has read my blog over the past year)!

This blog has definitely seen its share of ups and downs during its first year. The last ‘down’ being, of course, during my time away from home this summer. I feel like I just can’t get back into the groove of posting regularly. I’m slowly making progress as I get back to my weekly Friday Favorites postings. Hopefully, things will be back to normal around here soon.

Anyway, I apologize for the lack of content lately.

Here’s to better blogging in the very near future!

photo : by yours truly





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Exhaustion and Randomness

A long day of Back to School shopping for Sir yesterday has left me completely wiped out. Far be it from me to leave my loyal readers without a regular dose of my insanity and random Ruthiness, however. So, here you go…

  • If you have not yet entered the Big Blogiversary Giveaway, GO! NOW! HURRY! Seriously, you have just over 24 hours to enter and I highly suggest you do. I mean, you could win free ORIGINAL ART (Unless, of course, you hate my art and are trying to make a statement by not entering. Is that what you’re doing? Huh? Is it?).
  • I’m getting kind of excited about my new project. I shipped my first Box Full of Awesome order this week and the best part was putting together the little envelope of ‘extras’ to include. Did I mention that every Box Full of Awesome comes with FREE extra goodies? It’s true, they do! Check out the cool stuff I added to the shop this week.
  • Izzy the Dog Sings a Duet was featured on the We Draw Dogs illustration blog last week. Very exciting! You can see it here.
  • hello seven received a nice mention here last week too! (I definitely needed the ego boost!)
  • I have effectively ended my 365 Project. I honestly have neither the time nor the inclination to continue on with it. Totally lame, I know. I mean, I made it to Day 326. But it was starting to stress me out and the quality of my photos was suffering. So, I’ll just go back to shooting when I feel like shooting. What can I say? I’m a quitter.
  • Speaking of photos, I’m working on adding 4×6 and 8×10 prints of my Love Letter to Northern Michigan series to the Etsy shop. For now, if you would like a size that isn’t currently available, please feel free to send me a message and I’ll get what you need added to the shop ASAP.

I’m sure there’s something I’m leaving out, but I can barely keep my eyes open, so I must begin my pursuit of caffeinated beverages now, lest I pass out and accomplish absolutely nothing today. That just would not do!

photo : one of my favorite illustrations from a 1956 Better Homes and Gardens magazine



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The Big Blogiversary Giveaway!

So, you want a giveaway, hmm? I suppose I can oblige. Now, what would be suitable for such an auspicious occasion?

Well, the traditional first anniversary gift is paper. So, that’s what each of this giveaway’s three (yep, I said ‘three’!) winners will receive.


The first winner chosen will receive their very own original two-color watercolor and alcohol painting on watercolor paper. This 2.5×2.5″ painting will arrive in a 4.5″ white square frame. The winner may choose the colors for the painting, if desired. Otherwise, I will choose them myself. (see more from my two-color series here)


The second winner chosen will receive one 5×7 and one 4×6 print of their choice from my Loveletter to Northern Michigan photo series.

The third winner will receive one art print of their choice from the current prints available in my Etsy shop.


In order to be entered into the giveaway, you must leave ONE comment on THIS post. Just to make things interesting, I’m going to ask that you share your favorite post from this past year (HINT: If you’re lazy and/or have a bad memory like me, you can pick one from this list – heh). Include the link so that other people reading the comments can click through to your favorite post from the past!

Comments will be open until 12pm EST next Monday, August 8, at which time I will confer with random.org to choose three numbers (at random, of course). Winners will be notified via email, so be sure to use a valid email address when entering.


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A(nother) Winner!

Soooooooo, this afternoon I (or random.org, rather) picked the winner of the Magnanimous Monday Giveaway. The lucky number was 4 and that means that Stacie is our winner! Yay, congratulations, Stacie! Your new bracelet will be winging its way to you very soon.

To all of you who entered, I cannot thank you enough for a) reading my little blog and b) sharing the link with your friends. You all had such nice things to say and I appreciate them all so much. As mentioned previously, the next big giveaway is coming when I hit 500 posts, which should be sometime in July. So, stay tuned.

And thank you for continuously helping me to make space in my studio to fill up with more art supplies (that I don’t really need – heh)!

photo : new markers by yours truly

More cool stuff:

Magnanimous Monday : A Giveaway

So, less than a month ago, I was anxiously awaiting my 200th comment on this blog. Right now, I am in complete disbelief over the fact that I am only a few comments away from my 300th comment. That is nearly 100 comments in less than a month!

I am stunned and humbled by the number of people who not only read, but also comment on my blog. Your words of thanks and encouragement are what help keep me, this blog, and my work going. Well, that and an obscene amount of caffeine and sugar. And onion rings. Can’t forget about the onion rings.

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, comments and readers and all that good stuff. So, anyway, I feel like I should mark this occasion in some way, and really, what better way than with….a GIVEAWAY! Because a giveaway is not only great fun, it also helps in my constant efforts to keep my damn studio clean.

So, here’s what we’re gonna do. If you want to become the proud owner of the bracelet in the photograph (designed and handmade by yours truly with amethyst, rose quartz, and fluorite – matching earrings right here on Etsy, if you’re interested), leave a comment on this entry AND (and this is where I’m counting on all of you to be honest) share the link to my blog with at least one other person. You could email a friend, share the link on Facebook or Twitter, or you could just climb up to the nearest rooftop or bell tower and shout down to the people below about how you love this wicked awesome blog that’s written by a crazy lady and has super cool giveaways. Just be sure to obey any and all local laws pertaining to shouting from rooftops and/or bell towers. I love you all too much to have you end up in the clink!

Aaaaanyway, I will be leaving comments open until 12 pm EST next Monday, May 30 (also known as Memorial Day here in the good old US of A), at which time I will mosey on over to random.org and use their super spiffy number picker-outer thing. If your comment number matches the number chosen, you win! But, really, you all win because, hey, even if your number isn’t picked, you still get the pleasure of reading my blog. Heh.

All right, people, let’s roll!

More cool stuff:

Winners! Yay!

Well, kids, random.org has spoken and here’s what it said.

*obligatory drum roll*

Winner of the ‘izzy the dog picks a flower’ print is Vicki!

Winner of the ‘izzy the dog sings a duet’ print is Kathy!

Winner of the ‘izzy the dog in the rain print’ is Jeanie!

(Winners, please check your email for a message from hello seven about how to get your print.)

Mazel tov to all of the winners and a BIG thank you to everyone who sent good thoughts our way during the Izzy Ordeal.

So, if you didn’t win and you still really, really, really want an izzy the dog print of your very own, you can find them in my Etsy shop. Some of you will be happy to see that ‘izzy the dog sings a duet’ is now available for purchase AND (since I had some requests) ‘izzy the dog’s journey is over’ will also available as a print very soon!

Also, a portion of the proceeds from sales of these prints will benefit Dogs Finding Dogs who were instrumental in helping us bring Izzy home.

More cool stuff:

Illustration Friday : Journey

the journey is over

There has been a lot of snoozing going on around here since Izzy ended her 24-day journey through the wilds of Baltimore County/City. Heh.

Speaking of which, don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY. It ends this Friday and you can win one of three Izzy the Dog prints. Cool.

More cool stuff:

The Great Izzy Giveaway!

No, no, no, I’m not giving away Izzy. After all, we just got her back and no one in this family is willing to give her up!

You can, however, win your very own limited edition Izzy the Dog art print. Sweet!

I’m feeling extra generous with this giveaway. So, I am giving away not one, but THREE prints – one of each from my current Izzy the Dog series. Here they are:

izzy the dog picks a flower
izzy the dog picks a flower


izzy the dog sings a duet
izzy the dog sings a duet
izzy the dog in the rain
izzy the dog in the rain

Each print is signed and numbered and ready for matting/framing.

I will be choosing three winners at random (using the random number generator at random.org as usual). The print you get will correspond to the order in which your number was chosen (i.e. the first person chosen gets ‘izzy the dog picks a flower’ and so on…).

So, how do you enter? It’s super easy. Just leave a comment on THIS POST. You can leave well-wishes for Izzy or just say ‘hello’. Leave only ONE comment please. You can leave your comment any time between now and next Friday, April 22 when I will close comments and choose the winners.

Good luck! And, if you just can’t wait, you can always buy the first two prints in this series from my Etsy shop – proceeds to benefit Dogs Finding Dogs.


More cool stuff:

Randoms on a Sunny Sunday

It’s time for some randomness…mostly because I can’t seem to focus on any one thing for more than about a minute and a half right now. Heh.

  • Izzy is still on the run. We received some leads yesterday and a tracking sniff revealed that the information on her whereabouts was accurate. The search continues.
  • I am beginning to feel slightly human again. Unfortunately, a quick trip out to my backyard this morning had my ears completely plugged and every bit of exposed skin itching . Yes, friends, it is spring in Maryland! Bring on the thick blanket of yellow pollen and non-stop Claritin popping!
  • Okay, so remember that thing I said about getting this blog back on track and trying to bring back some lightheartedness? I know, I know, I’m not doing a very good job of it. So, I think it’s time for a giveaway. I haven’t decided for sure yet, but I think this one might be a big one. I mean, multiple prizes big.
  • You may have noticed that my 365 projects seems to have fallen by the wayside. I’m working on catching up on posting my photos. Hopefully, I’ll be all caught up by today. Apologies in advance for the barrage of posts. Heh.
  • The fact that I finally got off my ample duff and made some prints of my work has given me the motivation to get up off my ample duff AGAIN and make some prints of my work. So, keep an eye out for new prints in the Etsy shop. I am looking for opinions on whether I should offer them as-is or have them matted.
  • Speaking of Etsy, I still have some of my cherry blossom pieces available. Proceeds benefit Red Cross relief efforts in Japan. Also, I’m seriously trying to clear out my old stock of jewelry that I designed back in the day. I’ve knocked the prices way down in hopes of making room for other things in my studio.

I guess that’s all I’ve got for now.

photo : languishing art by yours truly

More cool stuff:

And the Winner Is…

Kathy! Her tidbits of inspiration were tulips and daffodils. So, I did a very quick tulip illustration to brighten up this post.

Everyone left such great comments and I can’t wait to get to work in my new sketchbook! Keep an eye out for future posts featuring all of your suggestions.

I am always open to new bits of inspiration, so don’t hesitate to let me know what you would like to see.

I also have more giveaways coming soon because I really need to make room in my studio for new pieces.

photo : quick little tulip by yours truly

More cool stuff:

Illustration Friday : Warning

always look before you sit

Just a little warning that, when heeded, can save you from some unpleasant situations. And save a bird from getting squished.

This illustration was a total rush job and it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. More on that later, perhaps.

More cool stuff:

It’s Giveaway Time!

As mentioned previously, it is seriously time for me to clean out my studio. This means some pieces will finally be listed on Etsy, some will be repurposed and turned into something new, a sad few may just be tossed, and some will be GIVEN away (yay!).

So, the first giveaway is for the bracelet in the photo. It is glass and sterling silver with a toggle clasp. Do you want it? Then read further.

Psst…the matching earrings are on Etsy for 50% off right now.

This giveaway is going to be almost as easy as the last one. All you need to do is leave a comment on THIS POST. However, instead of leaving it open to just total random commenting, you’re going to have to do a me a little favor.

This week, I will be buying a new sketchbook and I need some inspiration in order to fill it. So, I want the comments on this post to be a sort of prompt for something to draw, paint, etc. You can leave a favorite quote, a link to something you think might inspire me, a one-word topic similar to an Illustration Friday theme, or you can just tell me what you’d like to see me create. One comment per person (but you can leave as much inspiration in that one comment as you’d like).

See? Super easy.

I’m going to leave comments open until this Friday, March  11. When comments close at noon EST, I’ll go to random.org and let them pick a number. The person whose comment number matches the winning number will be the big winner. Okay? Ok.

Everybody ready? 1…2…3…comment!

More cool stuff:


It’s been awhile since I posted some of my random ramblings. I’m sure you’ve all missed them terribly. Heh.

So, here’s some stuff…

It’s the last day of the month, and being that I am a stat-checking freak, I am happy to report that my number of visitors more than quadrupled this month! So crazy. I’m not just standing in a room talking to myself anymore.

My studio is a serious mess. It is definitely time to purge and I’m thinking of doing it in the form of some giveaways. I haven’t done one in forever and I need to come up with some creative ideas.

I really shouldn’t have bought that bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs.

I added a page to the blog for coloring pages. Hopefully, it will make it easier to find/print the pages. Because when the kids are bored and screaming, the last thing anyone wants is to make them wait for their coloring pages. Heh.

I’ve been meaning to tell everyone who thanked me for including them in my Friday Favorites that no thanks is necessary. You all earned your spots!

I’m finding that I’m spending more time blogging these days than actually creating anything. I’m not sure exactly how I feel about that.

Show me some love on Facebook, if you haven’t already. Pretty please? (Pssst, that’s the first place that I post about giveaways.)

You know, no one ever tells you what kind of ridiculous things will come out of your mouth when you become a parent. Honestly, if someone had told me that I would utter the phrase ‘Don’t lick the furniture!’ not once, but multiple times, I probably wouldn’t have believed them.

Eh, I guess that’s all I’ve got.

photo : brightly colored candy coated downfall by yours truly

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