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Rawr! (says the Monster Hat)

Update: Monster Hats and Dragon Hats are back in the shop after the summer hiatus! Find them here.

The Monster Hat has finally made it’s debut on Etsy. It took me for-freaking-ever to get these guys made, photographed, and listed in the shop, but I’m using the fact that I had a ton of custom orders to get through as my excuse for that. I still have some custom hats to make, but I am really trying to get more done for the shop whenever I have a free minute.

I have to say that I love the Monster Hat. I really had no idea how well they would go over when I started making them. I really just designed it because I knew that Sir would love to have a hat that looked like a monster and oddly, I couldn’t find a pattern for what I had in mind. I made three, one of which came out horribly and has been tossed into a box never to be heard from again, before I came up with THE design. I have since had to tweak the design to make various sizes (including adult sizes!). Now that I have the patterns down, I can whip them out fairly quickly, but they are still a bit labor intensive mostly due to the detail work involved.

I have to admit, I was getting a little bored of making the same hat over and over. That is how the Dragon Hat came to be. The Dragon Hat is fun and ferocious and uses the same basic design of the Monster Hat. I currently have one Dragon Hat available in the shop, with more on the way soon.

I am also working on a few other variations that I am very excited about. I just hope I can get them designed and made before winter is over!

I can do either hat in pretty much any color combination and size that one might need. I actually love doing custom hats, so if you know anyone who might want one (or ten), don’t hesitate to let me know!

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My House is Full of Snakes. They’re Filling Up the Living Room.

Sliding down the banister. Talking on the telephone. Inviting over more snakes.

Okay, enough of that. If you get the reference, however, you can be my (and Sir’s) best friend for life. Heh.

For the two (possibly three) of you who may be wondering what I’ve been up to, I have one word for you – sssssssssss. Yes, I am currently knee-deep in snakes. Fortunately, they are of the soft, fuzzy, smiley variety like the one in the photo.

Why am I knee-deep in homemade, felted snakes, you ask. Well, I have one more word for you – guilt.

You see, I had grand plans to make Sir an awesome homemade Halloween costume. The plans are far too top secret for me to share anywhere outside of my head (especially since I may give it a whirl next year), but let me just say, it would have been SWEET. I’m talking, winning a costume contest for originality and wicked awesomeness sweet. But, it didn’t happen. I ended up getting sick. That, coupled with the fact that Sir went completely ballistic every time we tried to put his back-up borrowed costume on him, made the major effort of building him a costume seem pretty unreasonable.

Even though he was happy as a clam in his borrowed store-bought costume (once we finally convinced him to put it on), I still feel like a bad mom. I mean, I’m supposed to be creative, after all.

Enter the birthday party plans.

Sir has a few loves – trains, trucks, music, snakes. Sadly, most of those birthday party themes were already snagged by his friends. Except snakes. So, we are having a snake party. Fortunately, Sir’s favorite types of snakes are either cute and stuffed or springy and stuffed in a ‘peanut brittle’ can. Yep, my kid loves the old snakes in the peanut brittle can gag. I’m guessing there aren’t many parents of almost-two-year-olds who can say that.

So, in addition to designing cool snake party invitations, I was charged with finding cute-not-scary snake party favors for the kiddies. My fruitless search led me down the make-your-own-snake path. And so, I will spend the next month and a half (give or take) knitting, felting, stuffing, and sewing snakes. A few may even slither their way into the Etsy shop.

Hopefully, this will make up for the store-bought costume.

photo : clive le hiss by yours truly

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