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Daily Sketches : Henry the Goose

So, I was sketching this goose and decided to make a quick color version for Sir (I like to give him little watercolor doodles – usually when I pick him up from school). He asked me what her name was. I told him that I didn’t know. He then told me that her name is Henry. Not exactly what I had in mind, but we’ll go with it.

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Daily Sketches : Turkeyfoot(less)

The fact that I am able to sketch anything at all right now means one of two things. Either the full impact of my portfolio review hasn’t hit me yet or I have somehow grown an ever-so-slightly thicker skin. More on that later. Maybe.

Anyway, here is a turkey who, because I apparently can’t draw the nethermost extremities of poultry, is missing his feet. This actually isn’t for a Thanksgiving illustration, but for another project I am working on (because I am a glutton for punishment). Again, more on that later.


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Daily Sketches : More Blue Owls

Right now, Sir is in a developmental phase where a lot of things are ‘scary’ to him. He tells me on a daily basis that certain things (animals, toys, etc.) are scary, but he isn’t really able to tell me why. He also calls us into his room at night to tell us that he is scared, but he can’t always pinpoint or put into words what is scaring him. It is heartbreaking and frustrating.

He often talks about blue owls being outside at night. When I ask him what they are doing out there, he doesn’t really have an answer. He just tells me that they are scary. So, I decided to do a little character development with his blue owls. When he saw my owl sketches from yesterday, he agreed that they were not scary at all. He liked them and wanted to look at them.

I am working on some ideas with these two owls. I plan to draw the owl on the right showing a range of emotions, while the owl on the left will remain mostly stoic, occasionally reacting the other owl’s emotions.

watercolor + ink

watercolor + ink + digital background

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Daily Sketches : A High-Strung Owl

Lately, Sir has become very interested in owls. When it gets dark, he starts pointing at trees and saying ‘There’s an owl over there.’  According to him, these owls are blue and, occasionally, scary. I’m not sure why he thinks owls are scary, but I wanted to do a sketch for him of some non-scary owls. This is what I came up with – two owls, not scary, but one of them is easily scared. Heh.

(My mother used to react this way whenever I sneezed. She would then accuse me of sneezing loudly on purpose just to scare her. Uh, yeah.)

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Daily Sketches : A Halloween Costume

For nearly a year now, Sir has been obsessed with a cartoon called ‘Busytown Mysteries’. It features Huckle Cat, Lowly Worm, and other Richard Scarry characters. They run around town solving such head-scratching mysteries as why the smoke alarm keeps going off when there’s no fire and why all the bread at the bakery is hard as a rock. Scintillating, I know. Anyway, one of his favorite favorite episodes involves a scarecrow that two of the not-so-bright characters on the show become convinced is following them home at night when they find some straw on the bedroom floor. This episode was the impetus for Sir’s current fascination with, you guessed it, scarecrows!

Now that autumn is upon us, there are scarecrow decorations in nearly every store we visit. I even had to break down and buy him his own little scarecrow to put in the living room where he can see (and say hello to) it everyday. So, it was no surprise when he announced ‘I’m be scarecrow for Halloween!’ As I work to make sure that I have all of the necessary items to create the perfect scarecrow costume, I thought it might be easier to have a visual list. So, I sketched one up.

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