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Guess Who Finished a Painting!

On one of my recent art supply buying binges, I picked up several tubes of acrylic paint. I haven’t painted with acrylics in years, but I couldn’t resist the colors (or the price – sale!). In the interest of full disclosure, I totally got all the tubes out, arranged them according to color (in my obsessive way) and stared at them lovingly for several days before actually using them.

At some point, I had also picked up a tub of modeling paste. I was growing  weary of working flat all the time and wanted to try something new…eventually (when/if the muse ever decided to return).

Last night, I had a little time on my hands, so I decided to see what I could come up with and, lo and behold, I managed to start AND finish a painting!

First, I slathered an 8×10″ canvas with modeling paste. In the process, I also managed to slather my hands, fingernails, shirt, and who knows what else with modeling paste.


I wanted to incorporate circles and A LOT of texture. So, I started grabbing whatever was in reach and squishing it around in the modeling paste to create different textures. Some of the things I used include a bead, paint brushes, a Q-tip, an earring, bottle caps, and my shirt (purely by accident, mind you).

I’ve been a bit obsessed with copper and verdigris lately and I’ve been itching to use the copper paint that I bought. So, I decided to try to create a color similar to verdigris by first painting on a thin layer of blue paint.

I then covered it with a thin layer of green paint applied in the opposite direction.

After letting the paint dry, I took a small brush and filled in all of the white space with copper paint mixed with a little white paint. I started to realize that the green color was a bit too bright. So, to finish the piece, I applied a very thin wash of copper paint, which served to tone down the green and give a metallic finish to the entire painting.

Oxidation I

Oxidation I (detail – this is actually my favorite part of the painting)

Oxidation I (detail)

Sorry, I was a little late to the PPF party this week!

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In the Meantime…

My muse still has not returned to me. I have been biding my time and looking for any kind of creative distraction I can find, the latest being creating Etsy treasuries. I thought I would share them today. The vintage ones were created under my Box Full of Awesome account. The second one is from hello seven. Click the images to be taken to the actual treasuries on Etsy.

Orange you glad it’s vintage?


Around and around we go…


Upsy daisy!


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