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What’s New in the Etsy Shop

I am continuing to make strides in updating my Etsy shop. Most of the jewelry has been cleared out, but a few pieces are still up for grabs. At 50% off with free shipping, they won’t be around long though!

I have added some new prints to the shop too (something I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while now). I have a few more coming soon.

Here’s what’s new…

someday sweaters : image size is approximately 5×7″


midnight birches : image size is approximately 5×7″


six red : image size is approximately 5×7″

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The Great Izzy Giveaway!

No, no, no, I’m not giving away Izzy. After all, we just got her back and no one in this family is willing to give her up!

You can, however, win your very own limited edition Izzy the Dog art print. Sweet!

I’m feeling extra generous with this giveaway. So, I am giving away not one, but THREE prints – one of each from my current Izzy the Dog series. Here they are:

izzy the dog picks a flower
izzy the dog picks a flower


izzy the dog sings a duet
izzy the dog sings a duet
izzy the dog in the rain
izzy the dog in the rain

Each print is signed and numbered and ready for matting/framing.

I will be choosing three winners at random (using the random number generator at random.org as usual). The print you get will correspond to the order in which your number was chosen (i.e. the first person chosen gets ‘izzy the dog picks a flower’ and so on…).

So, how do you enter? It’s super easy. Just leave a comment on THIS POST. You can leave well-wishes for Izzy or just say ‘hello’. Leave only ONE comment please. You can leave your comment any time between now and next Friday, April 22 when I will close comments and choose the winners.

Good luck! And, if you just can’t wait, you can always buy the first two prints in this series from my Etsy shop – proceeds to benefit Dogs Finding Dogs.


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Randoms on a Sunny Sunday

It’s time for some randomness…mostly because I can’t seem to focus on any one thing for more than about a minute and a half right now. Heh.

  • Izzy is still on the run. We received some leads yesterday and a tracking sniff revealed that the information on her whereabouts was accurate. The search continues.
  • I am beginning to feel slightly human again. Unfortunately, a quick trip out to my backyard this morning had my ears completely plugged and every bit of exposed skin itching . Yes, friends, it is spring in Maryland! Bring on the thick blanket of yellow pollen and non-stop Claritin popping!
  • Okay, so remember that thing I said about getting this blog back on track and trying to bring back some lightheartedness? I know, I know, I’m not doing a very good job of it. So, I think it’s time for a giveaway. I haven’t decided for sure yet, but I think this one might be a big one. I mean, multiple prizes big.
  • You may have noticed that my 365 projects seems to have fallen by the wayside. I’m working on catching up on posting my photos. Hopefully, I’ll be all caught up by today. Apologies in advance for the barrage of posts. Heh.
  • The fact that I finally got off my ample duff and made some prints of my work has given me the motivation to get up off my ample duff AGAIN and make some prints of my work. So, keep an eye out for new prints in the Etsy shop. I am looking for opinions on whether I should offer them as-is or have them matted.
  • Speaking of Etsy, I still have some of my cherry blossom pieces available. Proceeds benefit Red Cross relief efforts in Japan. Also, I’m seriously trying to clear out my old stock of jewelry that I designed back in the day. I’ve knocked the prices way down in hopes of making room for other things in my studio.

I guess that’s all I’ve got for now.

photo : languishing art by yours truly

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