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ICAD, You CAD, We All CAD!

Most people who know me know that, aside from brushing my teeth and bitching incessantly, there are very few things that I can commit to doing everyday. Most people who know me also know that I like to overextend myself so that I can fail and have more stuff to bitch incessantly about.

Enter Index-Card-A-Day!

This artsy-fartsy challenge starts June 1 and ends July 31. During that time, I will (attempt to) create one index card each day.

Man, this is really going to cut into my tooth-brushing/bitching time.

This should be interesting, kids. Not only am I in the middle of a creative drought, but I will also be out of town for one month of this challenge. That means having to pretty much wing it with whatever materials I can pack/find while I’m gone. That also means extricating myself from forced family fun for at least a few minutes a day in order to make my card.

This is going to be really messy – literally and figuratively.

On the upside, my pack of index cards only set me back .$64, which is the least amount of money I have spent on art supplies ever!

Anyway, there is still time to join the challenge. Don’t you want to fail miserably participate with me?

photo : index cards by yours truly