Ruth has worked as an artist/designer for over 15 years. She used to have an utterly brilliant (not really) description of herself here. It is now highly inaccurate (and she is highly lazy), so this is what you get for now.

Ruth is…

  • mom to the coolest damn kindergartener on the planet (referred to on this blog as Sir)
  • a Michigander who is home again after a long 8 years away
  • an artist turned web designer turned artist turned floundering creative trying to find a way to use her talents
  • absolutely terrified of kittens (truly)
  • a certified (or certifiable?) yarn hoarder
  • an avid collector of randomness (much of which was sadly lost in a deluge of muddy water)
  • just happy to be here


Legal Stuff

Everything (words, photos, etc.) on this blog is the property of yours truly unless otherwise noted. Please don’t steal my stuff. If you need to use anything from this blog elsewhere, give credit where credit is due. I’d do the same for you.

I’m a nice person, but I cannot/will not tolerate copyright infringement. Play nice!

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