Whatcha Gonna Do With All That Junk?

So, as I so subtly hinted yesterday, I am getting rid of most of what is in my portfolio. If I’m ever going to get anywhere, I need to create an almost entirely new body of work and/or fix a lot of my existing work. That means I am left with a bunch of prints that I have no real use for.

Do you want them? Do you know someone who might? Make me an offer.

I accept many forms of payment – pocket lint (only the high-end stuff), chocolate, undue praise, wine (preferably the kind one wouldn’t drink out of a paper bag), magic beans, poultry and/or livestock (in accordance with local ordinances, of course), things you found on the subway, your art (because it has to be better than mine), or change you found in your couch cushions.

Here are the illustrations that I have prints of and their sizes:

Izzy the Dog Sings a Duet – 8×12″ print (this print is currently spoken for)

Izzy the Dog in the Rain – 8×12″ print

Izzy the Dog Picks a Flower
– 8×12″ print (this print is currently spoken for)

Sleeping Izzy the Dog – 8×12″ print

How to Fight an Evil Carrot – 6×8″ print

Bad Teeth – 6×8″ print (this print is currently spoken for)

Prints are available unless otherwise noted.

More cool stuff:

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