The Birthday Train

Those of you who have been hanging out around here for a while may remember the Birthday Pact. The rest of you can either click that link over there…or not, whatever, your choice. Anyway, I have been so-so in keeping up with my commitment to making gifts for Sir’s friends. Honestly, I just tend to run out of time and it’s much easier to run to Target. Heh.

Fortunately, I actually did have time to make something special for one of Sir’s friends whose birthday was yesterday. I asked his mom what kinds of things he likes and I plucked the following from the list to work into this piece: trains, fruit (mangoes and grapes), and ‘airplanes with the trail behind it’. Heh.

Here is the finished illustration (I actually included his name at the bottom, but I cropped it off of the scanned copy).

watercolor + ink on paper

More cool stuff:

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