Illustration Friday : Scattered

The Nightmare Carrots gather with other assorted evil vegetables to mourn the loss of their fallen leader. You may or may not remember what happened to him last week. His shreds will later be scattered on the evil compost heap.

© 2011 ruth blohm-hunter

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17 thoughts on “Illustration Friday : Scattered

  1. Too damn funny. Thanks for the chuckle. Do you think they might be discussing some form of veggie revenge? You may want to lock your refrigerator, and avoid the produce section at your local market. You know how news travels…I’ll be worried until I hear from you.
    Good luck, and be brave.

  2. And here I thought carrots were supposed to be sweet, live and learn. Laughed at the image of your Lab hunting mice. My Labbies are afraid of their own shadows, as well as bunnies and frogs.

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