Illustration Friday : Contraption

Recently, I had a run-in with some baaaaaaad carrots.


Not only did they make me sick, but they also gave me nightmares. And they weren’t just any old nightmares, they were nightmares within nightmares.

This band of Nightmare Carrots has a leader, a head honcho, if you will, by the name of Evil Carrot. You can see his early incarnations here and (with some evil cohorts) here.

To be honest, I have no idea how to fight an evil carrot. I’m thinking that employing the services of an evil rabbit might work. Sadly, I live quite a distance from Caerbannog, so I’m hoping the contraption above (also known as a grater) might work.

© 2011 ruth blohm-hunter

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9 thoughts on “Illustration Friday : Contraption

  1. You’re in luck. I have quite a collection of bunnies, here at the McCormick Wildlife Center…and one evil puppy. I’m sure with the combination of the two, we can put an end to the evil carrot, and his lowly minions. Deal? (I’ll even pay for postage. Just get these destructive things out of here! My floors are FILTHY!)

    1. Yes, but are the bunnies E-VIL (pronounced: eee-ville)? I’m not sure cute, cuddly bunnies could take out a carrot as heinous as this.

      Also, get used to the filthy floors…unless, of course, you’re willing to humiliate Bonny with those awful dog booties every time she goes out. Heh.

  2. AAAAAAAh!! That is hilarious, and oh, so painful! Your evil carrot sketches and illo are fabulous, Ruth. Keep them coming! Thank you for your delicious recipe for pumpkin puree at my blog, I shall give it a go!..and happy autumn to you!!

  3. Belatedly, can I just say that I LOVE this? That’s a carrot with carroter/character! He seems mighty upset that you’re winning.

    Sorry about the food poisoning, hope you’re feeling much better now!

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