What I Like Wednesday : Elizabeth Rose Stanton / Penspaper Studio

Dogs with their skeletons on display, a besotted teddy bear, and chickens with arms – welcome to the world of Elizabeth Rose Stanton.

I was fortunate to discover her work through Illustration Friday (a treasure trove of talent) and now, every time I see a new illustration from her, I am awestruck. From an adorable giraffe to a terrifying Wendigo (and everything in between), Elizabeth displays an amazing versatility that most artists strive for. And she makes it look so easy.

You can see her work on her web site, as well as her blog. Oh, and just to make sure she is extra well-rounded, she also contributes to Underneath the Juniper Tree.

Here are a few of my favorites…just to whet your appetite.

Old Gran Frog and Taddy Pole

Illustration Friday submission – Safari

Illustration Friday submission – Soaked


Illustration Friday submission – Influence

all images © the amazing Elizabeth Rose Stanton

More cool stuff:

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