Friday Favorites : Mysterious

This week’s Illustration Friday topic was ‘Mysterious’. Here’s a sampling of the great work submitted this week.


Mysterious Woman with Friend by Sonja Salinas

Wonderfully bizarre with a striking color palette.



Mysterious by BeBe

So deliciously surreal.



Mysterious by Liz Jones

I have such an affinity for anthropomorphized trees…or, in this case, people who look like trees.



Mysterious by Caroline Soer

One of my favorite watercolor techniques with very cool results.



Mysterious by Jess Racklyeft

A floating lady wearing a mask, I don’t think there’s much that’s more mysterious than that!



Mysterious by Jessie Lilac

Love white ink on watercolor.



Mysterious by Charlotte Knowles

Such a clever interpretation of the topic.



Mysterious by Kathleen Meany

Love the black and white with just a hint of color and the dog’s apprehensive stance.



Mysterious by Angela Pascale

This one was just too fun not to share!



Red Herring by Linda Silvestri

That is one mysterious (and hilarious) fish.


To see more great illustrations check out And if you’d like to see past Friday Favorites, just click here.

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