Friday Favorites : Disguise

My apologies for the rushed nature of this week’s post. It’s been a little crazy around here. Please don’t misinterpret my lack of time for lack of enthusiasm. This has actually been one of my favorite topics and the submissions this week were top shelf for sure.

This week’s favorites come sans commentary. Suffice it to say, they’re all awesome.


Disguise by Jeremy




Disguise by Emma Bazan




Disguise by Hannah Robinson




Disguise by Bill Nagel




Loan Shark by Kier Eyles




Disguise by Tom Knight




Disguise by Cristian Bernardini




Disguise by Elina Ellis




Disguise by Rafa Mir




Disguise by Stacy Curtis




Disguise by Jeff Schinkel




Disguise by Faye Dennett




To see more great illustrations check out And if you’d like to see past Friday Favorites, just click here.

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