So Long, Old Friends

It must just be the week for de-cluttering, as I don’t seem to be the only one in the Blogosphere who is purging her studio.

Obviously, the impetus for opening all of the drawers and boxes in my studio and letting them vomit their contents all over the place was the whole Box Full of Awesome concept. Unfortunately, once the spewing of randomness began, it became very hard to stop and I have found myself surrounded by things that, pardon my implied French, just need to GTFO!

For a while now, I have felt like I am drowning in a sea of stuff. Honestly, the mixture of pack-ratting tendencies and OCD tendencies in this house could probably make for a pretty good reality show. That is, until the person with the OCD tendencies runs away from home and refuses to come back until the basement is no longer filled with broken curtain rods, empty laundry detergent jugs, and about fifty million other things that should have been thrown away YEARS ago.

But, I digress.

For the past several years (since bidding farewell to my life as a jewelry designer), I have been shuffling boxes full of jewelry-making supplies and actual jewelry around my house and studio. Sifting through all of it seemed like such a daunting task, so I just kept attempting to move it somewhere out of the way. Well, I seem to have run out of somewheres and now it is looking me right straight in the eye again. And this time, IT MUST GO.

And go it will – in little handmade envelopes to anyone I can think of who may be happy to have a small piece of my artistic past. Currently, I am sorting through things and waiting for inspiration to strike me in order to decide who each piece should be given to. It is a slow process and nearly as daunting as I imagined it would be. I just have to keep reminding myself how happy I will be to finally be out from under this pile of stuff. In many ways, I feel like having it around is really hindering my creativity. As beautiful as some of it is, it serves no real purpose other than to make me sad and remind me of, what in my mind are, past failures.

So, watch your mailboxes, kiddies. You never know when a little surprise in a handmade envelope might show up…

photo : by yours truly


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3 thoughts on “So Long, Old Friends

  1. Yay Ruth! I’m doing the exact same thing. I’m hoping that this overwhelming feeling of anxiety, and other yucky stuff, might just be caused by all of the crap I’ve been hoarding/keeping in case I need it. Don’t you find it hard to concentrate when your mind keeps wandering to the black hole that was once a closet? Anyhoo…hope you are enjoying the purge!!!

  2. Your handmade envelopes are beautiful, and I’m sorry they are associated with sad thoughts. Autumn is when I catch the “de-clutter” bug. I think of myself as living a simple, frugal life, but boy, do those trash bags get filled up when I’m in my de-clutter mode!! Thank you for visiting my etegami blog. 😀

  3. Oh, I so identify with you on the too-much-stuff front. Way to go on breaking through and tackling the job!

    The envelopes are lovely, Ruth – and so is your work! I was sad to see I missed your giveaway last week… so beautiful.

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