Lights On


So, here’s what happened after my last post…

  • Stocked up on ‘hurricane essentials’ – bottled water, salty snacks, chocolate, wine, calamine lotion (don’t ask).
  • Listened to the rain.
  • Put a pretty good dent in the ‘hurricane essentials’.
  • Listened to more rain.
  • Lost power (damn).
  • Tripped over several toys that were not picked up before power loss.
  • Spent several restless hours lying in bed listening to wind roaring.
  • Waited for tree to fall on house.
  • Got up at daybreak to assess damage (i.e. crap blown all over yard and power loss).
  • Uttered the following phrases numerous times ‘No, we can’t watch TV. We don’t have electricity.’ ‘No, we can’t listen to music. We don’t have electricity.’ ‘No, you can’t turn that light on. We don’t have electricity.’  ‘Sure, stick your finger in there. We don’t have electricity.’ (I kid.)
  • Was granted a brief reprieve by friends who still had power and were kind enough to invite us over for the day.
  • Returned to darkened house and refrigerator filled with spoiled food.
  • Consumed more ‘hurricane essentials’ (read: wine).
  • Purged refrigerator.
  • Dreamed of power coming back on.
  • Cursed another electricity-free morning.
  • Purged freezer. Argh.
  • Was granted another reprieve by friends with electricity.
  • Succumbed to stress and went on an art supply buying binge.
  • Stared lovingly at new Koi pocket field sketch box until bed time.
  • Slept in air conditioned comfort.
  • Started getting sick (throat on fire, so very tired)
  • Accidentally turned our hosts’ patio furniture over to trash collector (again, don’t ask).
  • Received text from neighbor – ‘We have power!’
  • Returned home to chisel/scrape/scrub melted popsicle from bottom of freezer.
  • Began daunting task of replacing all of the food that had to be thrown out.

That pretty much brings us to today. We still have very little food in the house, as I just don’t have the energy to tackle the enormous task of completely restocking the fridge/freezer. At the moment, I barely have the energy to keep my eyes open. We do have the ingredients for macaroni and cheese and that is enough to sate Sir’s appetite, so that’s good enough.

We were lucky to come out relatively unscathed, but I must say that the very thought of throwing out all of that food (much of it unopened) still turns my stomach. We filled the freezer and refrigerator with blocks of ice ahead of time, but it just wasn’t enough to save everything. Such a huge waste.

And there are still over 100,000 people in our area without power. It is estimated that they won’t be restored until Saturday. Awful.

photo : Koi watercolor field sketch box by yours truly


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3 thoughts on “Lights On

  1. Heisann!

    We watched the storm and the damage Irene made passing the coast – on TV.
    Terrible! Sad to throw out food.
    We had flow, but our house is luckily built on a hilltop ;:OD)
    Have some nice days ahead ♥ from Bjorg Nina

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