Friday Favorites : Swell

So, this week was kind of exciting for me for a number of reasons, not the least of which being that the Illustration Friday topic that you see up there in the title of this post was contributed by none other than Yours Truly!

I know. So exciting. For me, anyway.

Having my suggestion chosen meant that the link to my humble blog was on display on the Illustration Friday web site for a whole week. And that meant a huge influx of visitors! I’m really hoping some of them decided to stick around. If it’s one thing I know how to do well (and there’s a very good chance that there is only one thing I know how to do well), it is take care of my readers. Right, readers?

(This is the part where you all say, ‘Right, Ruth! We love you!’ Or something. Heh.)

But, enough about me. After all, this is Friday Favorites and that means it’s all about the awesomely talented people who creatively illustrated this week’s topic (MY topic! Okay, seriously, enough about me.) And here they are…


Swell by Robyn Jorde

Everything about this little illustration is so fantastic – the colors, the perspective, the little bit of backstory – wonderful.



Swell by heike

Love the progression shown here and the way this fish quickly becomes a bit too big to fit in the frame – oops.



You’re Swell by Kaitlyn McCane

The characters, the colors, the swirling waves all combine to make an adorable illustration.



Swell by Joanna Pass

Simple, clever, and very well done.



Swell by Valerie Lorimer

Gorgeous details. Gorgeous colors.



Swell by Hajnal Fekete

Sweet and simple.



Surfer by Matt Richards

I love the retro feel in this illustration.



Leave it to Beaver by Mary Reach

A wonderful homage to classic television.



Swell by Deniz Yegin

These girls come up with the most unique ideas (if you don’t believe me, look at this) and their submission this week was no exception.



Misadventures in Confectionery by Amanda Pollard

A great illustration with an equally great story.



Swell by evans mbai

I just cannot look at this without laughing. I just looked at it again. And now I am laughing.


This week I have to tack on an honorable mention. It goes to Elizabeth Rose Stanton of Penspaper Studio for Most Creative Commenting. I’m pretty sure she managed to work the word ‘swell’ into every single comment she left this week. Bravo! (psst, she’s also very talented, so be sure to check out her blog).


To see more great illustrations check out And if you’d like to see past Friday Favorites, just click here.

all images © their respective owners – if you wish to have your thumbnail removed for any reason, please contact me.


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