Friday Favorites : Obsession

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As my friends, family, and loyal readers can attest, I know nothing of this concept called ‘obsession’. Nay, I have never spent hours lying awake in the dark wondering if the walls of my pool might spontaneously burst and flood out half my neighborhood. Nor have I ever arranged every single one of my (over 900) books according to height or painstakingly made sure that every time I set my glass of wine down at dinner it was in the exact same spot on the table from whence I picked it up. For I know nothing, nothing of obsessions, obsessing, or obsessive behavior!

(I am also most definitely NOT a master of sarcasm.)

With that being said, here are some people who apparently do know a thing or two about obsessions and how to do a damn good job of  illustrating them.


Obsession by Louise Taylor

The concept and execution of this piece are both fantastic and the story included reminds me of my uncle…maybe I’ll tell you all (what little I know) about him someday.



Sense Memory by Karen Eide

A gorgeous piece – beautifully done. I am fascinated by this medium.



Obsession by Elli

Beautiful color palette and certainly an obsession that many of us artsy types probably share.



Obsession by Marta Tesoro

I know this look very well and I have to say it is captured perfectly here.



Obsession by Paul Zdepski

A fantastic interpretation of the topic. I love this!



Obsession by Lisa Graves

The typography and all around style of this piece are very nicely done.



Marble Man by Ella

I just love this little fellow – there’s something very endearing about him.



Obsession – Bears and Food! by Hollie L. Hibbert

Food obsessed or not, these characters are just adorable (oddly, I hope that’s what people say about me too – heh).



Obsession by Paige Keiser

Such a great expression of imagination. Love how the grass is swept up like a wave carrying him away.



Obsession by Kaitlyn McCane




Obsession by Angela Pascale

Heh, this is so great. And it totally reminds me of my friend, Marie (although I’m not sure she’s ever gotten quite this up close and personal with her Nutella – heh).



Obsession by MAGYARiX

SO clever. I adore the overall retro feel.


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8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites : Obsession

  1. Interesting interpretations of obsession. My boyfriend has OCD so I’m quite familiar with the different variations that can occur…so cool to see artists interpreting it!

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