Friday Favorites : Imperfect

Obsession followed by imperfect…wow, it’s like Illustration Friday is looking into my soul. Heh.

Here are my perfectly imperfect picks for this week.


Imperfect by Sharon

Love the technique here. This one leaves me wondering about her past.



Piecing it Together by Christine Peloquin

Love the way that the separate elements come together in this piece. Beautifully done.



Imperfect by Deborah Davidson

Wabi-sabi is an amazing concept.



Imperfect by Toby Allen

For a moldy onion, she seems pretty sweet.



Imperfect by Oliver Flores

Great concept. Great execution. Those leaves are jerks.



Imperfect by Michael Robertson

Love this little girl’s retro style. I just hope her parents aren’t too disappointed.



Smile! by Ana Carmichael

Everything about this is just, well, perfect!



Imperfect by James Davies

This is just the sweetest thing. The #1 dog brings a little tear to my eye.



Imperfect by Charlotte Cheng

Dr. Horrible!!!!!! ‘Nuf said.



Imperfect by Roberta Baird

That Gomez always was a lusty one!


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5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites : Imperfect

  1. Wonderful selection! I think I like the moldy onion best…poor little thing

    (i never thought i’d feel sympathy for an onion LOL)

    thanks for stopping by my blog (nice to another in Baltimore as well) :-)

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