Thanks for the Reminder, Ry-Krisp! (Jerk.)

As I have mentioned previously, I have an affinity for vintage ads. I also have a stack of vintage magazines from which to mine retro advertising gold like the ad above. Found in the June 1947 issue of ‘Calling All Girls’, this particular kick-in-the-ample-arse of an ad comes from our good friends at Ry-Krisp who are ever so concerned about us heavy girls getting the love and attention (read: having some pervy guy snap our picture on the beach) that we desire. It’s simple really, all we need to do is eat Ry-Krisp instead of bread. C’mon, it’ll be FUN (and give us ‘sparkle’)!


I’m humiliated for a 64-year-old cartoon girl.

Fortunately, my treasure trove of vintage mags holds many entertaining (and far less fat-phobic) ads. If you’re nice, I may share some with you. Aw, hell, even if you’re not nice I’ll still share. See, us fat girls will do anything make you love us. Heh.

Here’s a real gem – Zomb-ees sandals! They’re all the rage in California (written in dreamy script to remind all of us that where we live is much less exotic and far more pedestrian) and at only $1.98 a pair, they’re a total steal! Or not…for all I know $1.98 may have been like $100 in 1947 and I’m too lazy to look it up, so whatever.

Warning: Zomb-ees sandals may or may not feed on brains.

Additional warning: Zomb-ees sandals are not suitable for fat girls. Please consider the Ry-Krisp Reducing Plan to reach a bloomer-friendly weight before purchasing or wearing.




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2 thoughts on “Thanks for the Reminder, Ry-Krisp! (Jerk.)

  1. Okay….I’m crying. Wretched, WRETCHED old advertising campaigns. How could any female live through the 40’s and 50’s, and emerge with a positive outlook upon life? That was just about the most hysterical thing I’ve read in a while. I just might have to dig through my vintage mags and see if I can find you more ammo., and myself a serious complex.

  2. Yes, explain to me how a ‘fat girl’ is supposed to ‘reduce’ when her mother is serving Saucy Wieners and Treet luncheon ‘meat’ for dinner on a weekly basis!

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