Now that I am a responsible *cough cough* adult *cough*, I rarely have occasion to get excited about my mail. Typically, the only things I receive are things I don’t want (bills), things I don’t need (junk), and ads (for things I can’t afford). Usually, my most exciting mailbox discoveries include the monthly Costco coupon circular and 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond certificates. Whoopee.

So, imagine my sheer joy and elation at finding this on my front porch today…

What is it? Well, only the most magnificently doodled-on box I have ever received (from the amazingly talented Deirdre McCormick)!

At least, I think it’s for me – the whole ‘Fabulous Ruth Blohm-Hunter’ thing kind of threw me off. Fabulous? Me? Nah. But that is my address, so I’m keepin’ it!

Now, I’m sure you’re asking yourself just what kind of awesomeness could be contained in such a spectacular box, right? Well, let me show you!

Not only did Deirdre include the doodle that she painstakingly worked on for me (a piece that deserves a post of its own), but there was a whole treasure trove of goodies included too – some hand-dyed paper doilies (go here if you want to learn how to make them yourself), some awesome vintage recipe booklets (that double as propaganda from the Gas company and include such delicacies as Saucy Wieners and Foxy Franks), vintage sheet music and wallpaper (look at what she does with these – amazing!) and a lovely card.

And if all that isn’t cool (and inspirational) enough, she also included this…

A new white gel pen! (Because I have been struggling with finding the perfect white pen and she no longer wants to see me suffer – heh.) ETA: I just realized the pen in the picture is the silver pen. She sent silver AND white. What a peach!

WOW! Honestly, I have no idea what I did to deserve such an awesome gift and I am so very, very thankful. My inspiration has been waning lately and this is just the thing I needed to help jump start my creativity. Hey, maybe I’ll even have something to post to this blog again soon. Heh.


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4 thoughts on “I Wanna Wail MAAAAAIIIIIIL!

  1. Oh, my silly fab-u-lous Ruth! You are too cute! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed your goodies, and I’m quite sure that Sir would L-O-V-E a bite of that beet jello mold thingy, or some noodle ring. What small child wouldn’t? They practically BEG for stuff like that! I hope the pens are to your liking. I included a silver one for you, as well, but I haven’t tried mine out as of yet, so you’ll have to let me know if it works as well as the white.
    Hope your package made you a little less homesick…I know you’ve had a rough week, and I’m sorry for that. I hope this makes it better.
    Have a great night, and go work on those recipes!
    xoxoxo Deirdre

  2. AHHHHH! TWO PENS! The white one was hiding and I totally missed it so I assumed that the one I took a picture of was the white one!

    You are TOO much, my dear!

  3. I understand that the P.T. (Precious Treasure) called you a “show-off” — and then resorted to the universal taunt of “Mom likes you better”. Pay her no mind. Sigh. Perhaps a time-out is in order. We’ll see. Yes, I love the “dancing” photos. Deirdre has always adored packages containing little items (you should see the contents of the Christmas stockings she creates for her dad and me — always a treat). Anyway, glad you’re back from your vacation and Happy Blogaversary!

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