Friday Favorites : Perennial

Yeah, yeah, I know…it’s Saturday – my perennial tardiness strikes again! Better late than never though, right?


I’ve decided to try a little something new this week. You’ll notice that there are only ten favorites instead of my usual fifteen. Part of the reason for that is the fact that I’m a day late in posting my favorites (due to a quick family trip that we took this week). The other part is that I wanted to try adding thumbnails to the list and it is a little time-consuming.

Let me know what you think of the new layout and I’ll see about making it a weekly thing!


Perennial by Martin Hoogeboom

I love the idea and the execution behind this.



Perennial by Sophie

Such a sweet illustration with lovely colors and patterns.



Perennial by Ryan

I’m a sucker for ‘four seasons’ illustrations, so I couldn’t pass this one by!



Perennial by Megan Moran Smith

Love the crying clouds.



Perennial by Erika Barriga

So delicate and pretty.



Perennial by Katarzyna Zalewska

Simple and beautiful.



Perennial by Sandra Jessop

The colors in this piece are just gorgeous.



Bountiful Crops by Alyssa Nassner

Love this farmer and his basket full of deliciousness!



Perennial by Laurie French

Sir is completely obsessed with cows lately. This illustration was a favorite for him too!



Perennial by Michael Villegas

So clever!


To see more great illustrations check out And if you’d like to see past Friday Favorites, just click here.



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5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites : Perennial

  1. Hi Ruth! So glad you & Sir liked my cow! Love all your choices for Friday Faves & loved visiting your website!

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