Vintage Craft Monday : Being an Egg Has Never Been So Embarrassing

(click to see it bigger)Okay, kids, here it is, your first installment of Vintage Craft Monday!

So, apparently, back in the 70s, it made perfect sense to go foraging in the woods for bark and leaves and then glue said bark and leaves to…(you have got to be kidding me)…eggs.


No, really. This, my friends, is what was considered fun for the whole family and just what the doctor ordered to swank up one’s tchotcke shelves.

Okay, so let’s take a look at the old supply list here…hard-boiled or blown eggs. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Now, wait just a minute! Hard-boiled eggs? Whaaa?

Yep, according to the helpful instructions, if these little dandies are ‘intended for only short-term amusement (oh yeah, they’re amusing alright), you can decorate hard-boiled eggs and even eat them.’

Um, yuck.

Eating an egg that has been slathered in glue and embellished with pine cones, dried flowers, and assorted grasses is a little too Grizzly Adams for my taste, thanks. But, you know, to each his own.

If a dead leaf breakfast sounds delicious to you (or you just like to creep people out with the hideosity of your home decor), then I highly suggest giving this project a try! You’ll find the instructions below (just click the image to make it bigger).

If you do make an egg-celent ovum (or five), please let us know how it turns out by leaving a comment or emailing yours truly at (include pictures if you have them) and I will gladly share the results of your efforts with the group.



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One thought on “Vintage Craft Monday : Being an Egg Has Never Been So Embarrassing

  1. Hmm. I have an egg already blown clean, just waiting for me to do something to it. When I get some energy back I may just tackle it as a little project.

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