The 70s Called, They Want Their Crap…errr, Crafts Back

As an avid hoarder collector of randomness, I often find myself picking things up with the intention of doing something grand with them…eventually. Sadly, for some things, eventually never comes and they either lie around my basement collecting dust (and dog hair) or end up being foisted off on donated to charity during one of my whirlwind basement purges (which we are currently LONG overdue for).

For a number of years, the former was the case for a box of 1970s era ‘Family Craft Cards’ that I picked up at a yard sale for $2. When I saw them, I knew that they were far too kitschy and downright bizarre to pass up. At the time, I had no idea what I would do with them, but I knew I must have them. I held onto them through our move from Michigan to Maryland, let them languish in the basement, moved them into my studio, stubbed my toe on them numerous times, and shoved them onto a shelf. Now, they are finally about to get the attention they so deserve.

While thumbing through them this week, I was reminded of what an odd collection these cards really are. While some of them contain bits of reasonably useful information, others provide a bizarre and fascinating look into what life was like in the Decade that Taste Forgot. As I browsed through instructions on how to tie-dye jeans and turn empty liquor bottles into stylish and useful home accessories, one thing became clear…

These sparkling 1970s gems MUST be shared with the masses*.

And so, that is what I will do. Every Monday, I will choose a card (or cards) to share here on the old bloggity-blog where you can all laugh, scoff, and/or marvel at them. You could even give these projects a whirl and see what happens! In fact, that would be sheer awesomeness. I highly encourage trying your hand at some of these ‘handicrafts’. As an incentive, I will share your attempts with my readers. And, as an even bigger incentive, I will offer the occasional Crafts Challenge with glamorous prizes (like empty liquor bottles – heh).

So, kids, hop in your AMC Gremlins and go stock up on raffia and RIT dye! We’re gonna craft-it 70s style!

*or the six people who read my blog


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2 thoughts on “The 70s Called, They Want Their Crap…errr, Crafts Back

  1. How can you tell how many people read your blog? I’m excited about the challenge and found myself grinning (kiddish style)!

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