Illustration Friday : Asleep



…as the clouds approached, nearly everyone was fast asleep.

This is my second attempt at watercolor pencil on wood. I have to say, I am quite happy with it. I may even put it in the Etsy shop!

The most difficult part of the process is inking over the pencil sketch – too much pressure and the ink will bleed quite a bit. I am loving working with the watercolor pencils on wood though.

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9 thoughts on “Illustration Friday : Asleep

  1. There’s something so appealing about this style. I think this would look great on wooden boxes too! now you’re making me look at some of my cigar boxes. Hmm… 😉

  2. Heisann!

    It’ s really beautiful, Ruth!
    I posted mine very late. My father were send to hospital yesterday, and I am very busy evaluating students these weeks.
    But drawing is therapy!
    Thanks a lot for your warming comment ;:OD)

  3. Lovely piece again – really portrays the feeling of ‘stillness’ when everyone is tucked up in bed!

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