Friday Favorites : Swept

So, I came through last week’s ordeal relatively unscathed (save for a decided lack of sleep).  And here I am ready to share my Illustration Friday picks with all of you again.

I’ll pause here while you heave a collective sigh of exasperation relief. Heh.

This week’s topic was ‘swept’ and since I’m not feeling all wordy right now (was that another sigh of relief I just heard?), I’ll just get started.

  • Swept by Elizabeth Rose Stanton : Love the colors. Love the movement. Especially love the little people getting blown every which way.
  • Swept by Julia Marshall : Another piece with great movement, and the added bonus of a frightening shark looming just below the surface.
  • Swept (away) by Angela Pascale : The passenger in this boat seems to be taking a much more peaceful ride. I’m guessing there are no sharks in this water.
  • Swept by Catherine Swenson : I loved all the images of sweeping bodies of water this week. This one has such a tranquil color palette. I love how the fish are hopping out of the water in such a leisurely fashion.
  • Swept by Nicky Linzey : Another water-themed illustration. Fantastic color palette and I love the reference photos too.
  • Swept by Valeriane Leblond : Gorgeous rich colors and wind-swept mists – just beautiful.
  • Swept Away by Gumnut : Simple and quiet, yet there is much going on.
  • Aurora by Oliver Flores : This piece is a great example of how spending a little extra time to get things just right can really pay off. Beautiful work.
  • Swept by Jillian Ailsa : I love all of the textures and patterns used in this piece. And the expressions on the raccoons faces are pretty entertaining too. (Psst…go give this IF newcomer some love!)
  • (wind)swept by Koesje Koene : I just can’t resist and adorable dog (that’s how I ended up with my three monsters – heh).
  • Swept by Linda J. Calverly : Such a sweet illustration. I wish my backyard was this attractive.
  • Spider 2 by Alexander Ten Berge : Typically, spiders send me into fits of uncontrollable girlish screaming. Not this guy though. Must be the hat.
  • Swept by Rod MacGregor : I love the explanation of how this idea came about and the fact that it was drawn with one continuous line.
  • Swept by Zari : This time rock covers paper. Sweet.
  • Swept by Niki Maritz : This illustration was quite literally ‘swept’…right onto the pavement. Very cool.

To see more great illustrations check out And if you’d like to see past Friday Favorites, just click here.


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8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites : Swept

  1. Thank you sooo much Ruth! I’m honored!

    You’ve got a nice blog, and the idea of sharing your IF favorites is great…love the links!


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