Friday Favorites : Asleep

Having recently been stricken by the plague, I spent the greater portion of this week asleep or wishing I was asleep. And I must say that looking at illustrations of people and creatures in various states of repose has not helped in my struggle to keep my eyes open. But, I will fight this urge to drift off to Dreamland and instead, share my Friday Favorites.

See what I do for you people? You’re welcome.

And now, let the snoozing commence (for the aforementioned creatures, of course – not yours truly)!

  • Asleep by Richard Morden : First of all, Secondly, the color palette is quite excellent.
  • Dream Stuff by Heidi A Monteleone : I believe Elizabeth Rose Stanton said it best, ‘…wonderfully surreal.’ Yep, couldn’t have said it better myself.
  • Asleep by Morderska : Another delightfully surreal sleep image.  Love the way the wallpaper and the sky were done here.
  • The Tea Time by Lucas Manoel : So many interesting details in this piece. It has a very soothing color palette as well.
  • Asleep by Pia Drent : The pattern, the lines, the birds – all so appealing.
  • Asleep by Kathleen Jennings : A very cool take on this week’s topic – I especially like that the shoes reference the original Oz books.
  • Asleep by Oana Befort : This piece really is amazing. At first glance, I was sure that it was fabric and certainly not watercolor. The texture and the way the image seems to stand right off the page are fantastic.
  • Asleep by Tracey Long : The combination of ‘real’ and drawn characters in this piece is so interesting and, dare I say it again, surreal.
  • Asleep by Stephen Cavanagh : There are few things that appeal to me more than a beautifully painted night sky. I love this sky and the adorable characters.
  • Asleep by Megumi Lemons : Such a sweet scene. This piece has wonderful texture.
  • Sleeping Bearded Pig by K-Fai Steele : This unlikely pair is quite irresistible!
  • Asleep by Beatrijs Brouwer : I am no fan of bats, but these guys are just too cute – unlike real bats, which are scary and remind me of one of the creepiest dinner parties I’ve ever attended (ooo…I smell a new blog post!).
  • Sleeping Birds by etringita : Such a fun take on the topic!
  • Asleep by Sarah Stirling : This never, ever, ever happens in our house. Ever. *ahem*
  • Asleep by charrow : This never happens in our house either, but only because Sir doesn’t own a snorkel.

To see more great illustrations check out And if you’d like to see past Friday Favorites, just click here.

More cool stuff:

9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites : Asleep

  1. It’s rather flattering to be listed – thank you! I enjoyed looking through your list. It must be very hard to pick favourites when there is so much amazing work on Illustration Friday. I am weekly flabbergasted by the quality and variety of the pieces presented.
    PS. bats are cool – we have a huge colony of fruit bats in Melbourne and they look incredible when flying overhead in the thousands on a summer night.

  2. (A late comment –>) I love looking at all the different sites and paintings you picked – and it made my day discovering I was on the list! Thanks for including me!

    p.s. I like bats, but then I’ve never shared dinner with them… just a swimming pool (when they swooped down to drink).

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