What I Like Wednesday : Josh Pincus is Crying

I have a confession to make. I am what is, in certain circles, referred to as a Death Hag. I find stories of celebrity (and in some cases, non-celebrity) deaths fascinating. I dream of wandering Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. And I have read every.single.bio on FindADeath.com. Twice.

Perhaps it is my penchant for useless knowledge that drives my desire to learn about how the famous and infamous have met their maker. Or maybe I’m just one of those people my mother would describe as morbid while cringing disgustedly. But I find it all incredibly fascinating.

Enter Josh Pincus is Crying.

JPiC, a combination of illustrations, tales of expired ‘celebrities’, and a soupçon of true crime, is another of my Illustration Friday discoveries. It has since secured a well-deserved spot on my list of Massive Time Sucks (I cannot even begin to tell you how much time I have wasted perusing the site just to write this post!).

But, it’s not all stories of how somewhat obscure Hollywood types (like Judith Barsi, Jay Stewart, and Jack Nance) and creepy sociopaths have met their ultimate demise. There are also entertaining anecdotes about being frightened of one’s own reflection and pornographic images littering the street in a suburban Philadelphia neighborhood (go ahead, click the link, I’ll wait here  while you laugh until you pee).

The illustrations are fantastic. The stories are well-written (and humorous, when appropriate). And, to me and my ilk, the subject matter is fascinating.

I highly recommend perusing the entire blog, but for now, you can check out some of my Josh Pincus is Crying favorites…

Donald Turnupseed


Phyllis Newcombe


Johnny Stompanato


And everyone’s favorite center square – Paul Lynde

illustrations : by Josh Pincus is Crying

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6 thoughts on “What I Like Wednesday : Josh Pincus is Crying

  1. I could not be more proud of JPiC! Thanks for filling his ego with such praise! Can you ask him to take out the trash when he is done gloating?

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