Toddler Photography : Gettysburg Photo Day

Saturday was a beautiful day and so we decided to take Sir on another photo outing (If you missed the previous ‘toddler photography’ entries, you can find them here and here.). On previous outings, Sir didn’t show a great amount of enthusiasm and most of his photos were taken at our urging. So, you can imagine my surprise (and GREAT pride) when, as we began driving past the monuments at Gettysburg, a voice from the backseat began to shout ‘Out! Pictures! Statues!’

Sir could.not.wait to get himself and his trusty little camera out of the car! As we unbuckled and freed him from his car seat, he took off running toward the nearest ‘statues’ (monuments). He started pointing and telling us exactly what he wanted to take pictures of. And so, we followed his lead. It went a little something like this.

Point! Run! Stop! Shoot! Repeat.

When it came time for us to take a lunch break, we had to tear him away. As he picked distractedly at his cheeseburger (normally, one of his very favorite meals), he repeatedly inquired, ‘More pictures? Statues?’ All he could think about was getting back out there with his camera. Honestly, by this point, I was bursting with parental pride and joy. He ran up stairs, he climbed up hills, he traipsed through fields all to get the shots he desired. At one point, he even insisted on taking a photo of a mud puddle. And so we stopped so that he could pursue his artistic vision.

He made all of the decisions about what he wanted to photograph and required very little assistance using the camera (a huge improvement from the last time we were out). He has mastered finding the shutter button and pressing it while focusing on his subject, but he still has a little trouble holding the camera still while taking the picture. Being that his camera is not of the highest quality, its shutter is rather slow, and this, coupled with his penchant for moving around, make for some blurry photos. I recently found the old Olympus that I used to shoot with before I invested in a dSLR and I am considering letting him use it the next time we go out, which may be as soon as this weekend.

Here are some of the shots we took.

Mud puddle!

Our photo day ended with ice cream cones all around and Sir requesting to take his camera with him whenever we go anywhere now. Heh.

photos : by yours truly and Sir

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2 thoughts on “Toddler Photography : Gettysburg Photo Day

  1. Your little boy is a genius! A genius, I say! Seriously just the cutest thing, ever! You must be so proud. It’s such a neat idea, Miss Ruth. And what makes it even neater, is the fact that he’s now looking at things, and deciding how to shoot them. Tell him I think he is super talented, just like his Mommy!

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