Illustration Friday : Beginner

When it comes to illustration, I am very much a beginner. I feel a beginner’s frustration. I make a beginner’s mistakes. I get discouraged. Sometimes I quit. And then I try again. Sometimes I can find no inspiration. And sometimes I find it in unexpected places.

A dear friend of mine recently celebrated a milestone birthday. She and her family took a vacation to mark the occasion. Yesterday, she posted some gorgeous pictures from their trip. Many of them were of her canine kids enjoying the beautiful pastoral setting – sometimes frolicking like puppies and other times just relaxing. There were also photos of the house where they stayed, and one of them – of a gorgeous and colorful stained glass window in a room painted yellow – compelled me to create this piece.

This is actually a small shadow box. The ‘window’ is a separate piece that frames the illustration of my friends’ two dogs (inspired by a photo of the two of them looking off into the distance). It was done in pen & ink and watercolor pencil*.

I truly hope that, despite the fact that it is a beginner’s effort, my friend loves her belated birthday gift. Happy birthday, K! (keep an eye on your mailbox)

* For anyone who has a Michael’s nearby and is in the market for watercolor pencils, you may want to head there ASAP. I got a great deal on open stock Derwent watercolor pencils ($.49 each) and Derwent Aquatone pencils ($.99 each) on Sunday.

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3 thoughts on “Illustration Friday : Beginner

  1. Being a ‘beginner’ takes a lot of courage and can be very frustrating. We know because we are ‘beginner’ bloggers and entrepreneurs. So we really love the fact that you overcome your frustrations and continue! That’s great :) You motivate us as well :)
    And what a great and unique gift! You have a very lucky friend: she has two great furry hearts AND a budding illustrator by her side :)

  2. Okay…so, I’m not in the habit of leaving you more than one comment a day…but, I HAD to leave you one on this post. I have some catching up to do! Just want you to know that I REALLY love this, and your friend will be deeply touched. You know how you can tell when someone puts their heart into a piece? You can totally tell in this. It actually made ME teary-eyed. And I absolutely love the stained glass border. It’s wonderful. So, in other words, I know you get frustrated, like we all do. But, whether you believe it or not, you ARE talented. And as for being a beginner, well, we all are. If you weren’t, that would mean that you’re done learning. And I know I’m not done yet. Thanks for the inspiration.

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