I Feel Random, Oh So Random

Ahhh, it’s been a while since I’ve posted some random randomness and since I’m feeling out of sorts lately and unable to focus on anything for more than about 30 seconds, now would probably be the perfect time to do just that!

  • I am slowly but surely working on the changes I want to make to my Etsy shop. I have a few more jewelry pieces that, if not purchased soon, will be scrapped for parts. Heh. That’s what you get for hanging around too long! The Monster Hats will be taking their leave until the fall season rolls around when they will make their triumphant return with more Owl and Dragon Hats.
  • The other day, while looking over my blog stats, I made a new goal for myself. I want to hit 500 posts before my blog’s one year anniversary on July 24. I’ve crunched the numbers and it should definitely be attainable. I plan on having a big giveaway when I hit the 500 mark. Stay tuned!
  • I’m on Twitter (where I spew randomness daily) and Pinterest (where I have no idea what the hell I’m doing).
  • I have yet to begin working on my Sketchbook Project. I know, I know. I think my problem is that I have too much time to get it done. So, I’ll wait for the deadline to get close and then freak out hope for inspiration (desperation?) to hit.
  • Is it wrong to serve your family ice cream for dinner? Asking for a friend, of course.
  • Hey, D’s mom, I love your comments. Keep ’em coming! That goes for the rest of you too. I depend on all of you to keep my fragile ego intact. Heh.
  • I have to say that I’m really thrilled with (and a little surprised by) the response I’ve been getting to What I Like Wednesday and Friday Favorites. Who knew people would be so appreciative of my blathering on about them? Heh.
  • So, my hippie neighbors across the street are ‘cleaning out’ their house yet again. It wouldn’t be such a disturbing phenomenon if it wasn’t for the fact that these clean outs always involve disembodied heads of some kind. Last year, they had a yard sale where they attempted to sell a paper-mache head with a long stick jabbed through its ears. I glanced out the window earlier and my gaze was met by that of some kind of Frankenstein monster head sitting on the edge of a roll-off dumpster.
  • We really need to move.

photo : crooked house by yours truly

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5 thoughts on “I Feel Random, Oh So Random

  1. Oh my goodness….that gave me a REALLY good laugh. Ummm….what’s up with your neighbors? Maybe they should try the sketchbook project, too. But, I don’t want to see it if they do. As for you, little miss, so help me….if December rolls around and you still have yet to do anything in your sketchbook….I’m telling Mom. Trust me, I grew up with her. You DO NOT want one of her lectures.
    PS:Gorgeous photo!

  2. Have NO idea what my little wretch is talking about. I don’t lecture — I merely “suggest.” And, may I add, always ignored.

    1. Adored your Illustration Friday submission. Great composition. And yes, I notice such things as the middle elephant’s tail going in the opposite direction as the other two. Would make a wonderful card. Charming.

    2. Crooked House photo is an eye-catcher. Am assuming it’s a bird house. If, however, it’s your hippie neighbors abode, then you do need to move — but take a picture of the head w/spike through the ears first!

  3. Heh, glad I gave you all a laugh!

    As for my neighbors, they are insane. I could go on for days with stories about my crazy neighborhood. I’m about 99% sure that my next door neighbor is, in fact, a zombie. But, I digress.

    The crooked house is actually not a birdhouse. It used to be part of a wonderful (so I’ve been told) place called the Enchanted Forest. Now, it is part of a collection at a farm where we often take Sir on outings, along with some of the other storybook characters from the Enchanted Forest.

  4. heh. love that part about the neighbors.

    serving ice cream for dinner is not only acceptable, it is occasionally necessary. I don’t advocate doing this every night (even for myself) because you get sick of it and it’s not healthy and blah blah blah. BUT to do on occasion, it is excellent. Every so often when my dad was out of town, my mom would take my sisters and i to baskin robbins for hot fudge sundaes – for dinner. Occasionally i still do this for myself. It seriously rocks.

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