Friday Favorites : Safari

I never cease to be amazed at the creativity and versatility of the Illustration Friday crew. They never disappoint and this week was no exception. The topic for the week made for some pretty fun submissions (unless, of course, you have a fear of wild animals) and here’s this week’s small sampling of a huge bank of talent.

  • Safari (I See the Animals Sleeping) by Roberta Baird : Never hurts to start with something completely gorgeous, eh? I’m pretty sure this one fits the bill quite nicely. And it looks like you can own your very own copy of these gorgeous sleeping animals next month. Cool.
  • Safari by Kristin G. Jackson : A fun and tasty safari indeed! I hope they don’t spend too much time in the watering hole. They’ll get all soggy.
  • Safari by Nancy Meyers : I quite like the look of smug satisfaction on this fellow’s face. I would expect nothing less from the king of the jungle.
  • Safari by Jan Dolby : I love this giraffe. The loose and colorful style of this illustration is a lot of fun!
  • Safari by Scott E. Franson : The muted color palette in this piece is very tranquil. A lovely piece all around.
  • Safari by Beth Anne Maresca : Another very serene piece – this is a beautiful use of watercolor.
  • Rhino Designs by Nathan Bottcher : Just a fun little series of sketches that I found particularly charming.
  • Safari by Elizabeth Rose Stanton : There is a very valuable lesson to be learned from this adorable illustration. And just look at the expression on the little giraffe’s face!
  • Safari by Pia Drent : A very clever piece – who learned their lesson about looking closely at what is right in front of them?
  • Safari by Darice : This is an awesome elephant pattern. I think stared at it a little too long though – still waiting for my eyes to uncross.
  • Safari by Isabelle Cardinal : I adore well-done collage/assemblage and this is just that – definitely one of the coolest concepts I saw this week.
  • Dress up Safari by Emily : This illustration is just so fun! I love the way the kids’ postures match the animals they are dressed up as.
  • Safari by Sue : Surfin’ safaris don’t get much cuter than this.
  • Safari by Bill Nagel : Ahhh, the Costco safari – surely a favorite among our family. I’ll have to be a little more observant next time so as not to miss the wildlife.
  • Safari by Jay Fontano : Seriously. Funny. Period.

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