Friday Favorites : Beginner

Sometimes it’s best to forgo the blah blah and just begin. So, let’s do that…

  • Beginner by Amelia LeBarron : My obsession with pink hair aside, I found several reasons to love this piece. The color palette is beautiful. And, despite her body language expressing that she is a beginner, there is a certain wisdom in her eyes.
  • Aspiration by malibu.tuna : More pink hair (!) – the concept for this piece is great and it is so very well done.
  • The Beginning by Melissa Bergen : Just completely gorgeous – the contrast of the black on the blue eggs is so striking.
  • The Tree Surgeon’s Apprentice by Robert Dunn : This in an amazing mixed media piece. The use of real foliage and the splashes of ink give this such a surreal (and awesome) feel. Just look out for that little guy with the crazy eyes and the mallet…no telling what he might do.
  • Beginner by Maja : The color and texture of this piece drew me in right away. It is dark, quiet, and beautiful.
  • Beginner by Jeehyun Hoke : Now, you all know it wouldn’t be Friday Favorites without a bird (or ten). So, here are two cool ones. Love the expression on the face of the one who is getting ready to fly (perhaps he knows that he could end up like this next guy).
  • Beginner by Irina Agocs : Poor little birdy. I love how you can see the shadow of the wings’ motion.
  • Beginner by Collette Schildkraut : This pig is beyond adorable. I hope he doesn’t meet the same fate as our bird friend above.
  • Beginner by Monica Carnesi : Speaking of adorable, this totally is. I wonder how many trips to the frog pond that bear will have to take before getting it right. Experiences tells me, many.
  • Dream Pig by Laura Zarrin : Two flying pigs in one week? Why not! I love the colors in this pig’s sky.
  • Beginner by Jackie Kirk : Simple and effective – I love how this little chap’s expression and the color of his complexion convey a sense of nervousness. Also, that swim suit is great. Heh.
  • Beginners by Deniz Yegin : Surprisingly, there were very few bride and groom illustrations this week. No matter because this is fantastic. I adore her illustrative style!
  • First Marriage by Rosalia Lerner : Another bride and groom – the colors in this one are beautiful.
  • Beginner by Josée Savaria : Another artist whose style I’m really beginning to love – the colors and patterns in this piece are great.
  • Um… by Robert Anke : I can’t help it, every time I look at this, it makes me laugh.

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8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites : Beginner

  1. Oh, Ruth, thank you so much for selecting me! I’m so glad to hear you liked my piece for last week :-)

    This is such a great idea, and very thoughtful too. Muito obrigada!

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