Dear Twitter, I hate you. Now make me a star!

Twitter. Argh. I have never been a fan.

Maybe it’s because I never bothered to take the time to figure it out. Maybe it’s because I really don’t feel the need to know every mundane detail of anyone’s life (it’s bad enough having to experience every mundane detail of my own life). Maybe it’s because I abhor abbreviated ‘text speak’. The word is YOUR, dammit! Or maybe it’s because I am a wordy person and being limited to 140 characters goes against my nature. And just ticks me off.

Despite seeing my friends fall victim to the siren song of blue birds and fail whales (I must confess, I do adore the Fail Whale), I was steadfast in my resistance.

*sigh* Until now.

I am now officially part of the…urgh…Twitterverse. As I’m sure you’ve gleaned, I’m still not a fan. I have, however, committed to giving this thing a try. If only so as not to continue disparaging something I know very little about (because it’s MUCH easier to disparage things when you know a lot about them!). And to, you know, make the whole world LOVE me!!!


Seriously though, the whole world already loves me. And now they can follow the daily goings-on of my thrilling existence and read the random bizarre thoughts that pop into my head. Presented in 140 characters or less, of course.

Here goes nothing!


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