A(nother) Winner!

Soooooooo, this afternoon I (or random.org, rather) picked the winner of the Magnanimous Monday Giveaway. The lucky number was 4 and that means that Stacie is our winner! Yay, congratulations, Stacie! Your new bracelet will be winging its way to you very soon.

To all of you who entered, I cannot thank you enough for a) reading my little blog and b) sharing the link with your friends. You all had such nice things to say and I appreciate them all so much. As mentioned previously, the next big giveaway is coming when I hit 500 posts, which should be sometime in July. So, stay tuned.

And thank you for continuously helping me to make space in my studio to fill up with more art supplies (that I don’t really need – heh)!

photo : new markers by yours truly

More cool stuff:

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