Friday Favorites : Journey

So, before I get to this week’s illustrations, I wanted to address a question recently asked of me. I was asked if I could include the actual illustrations in my Friday Favorites posts so that people wouldn’t have to click through to all fifteen blogs.

The short answer: No.

The longer answer: I wish that I could, but I would be treading into copyright issue territory and, while I’m sure most people wouldn’t mind too much (since I would be giving them proper credit and linking to the original work), there may be some who wouldn’t appreciate me using their images without their express written consent.

I apologize for the clunky and inconvenient layout of my FF posts, but for now they will have to remain this way. I hope that you’ll all forgive me and keep reading and hopefully, keep enjoying the links that I post here (and, of course, leaving nice comments for the artists).

That being said, on to this week’s favorites. I’m not feeling very wordy this week, so I’m just going with links and minimal blah-blah (feel free to thank me however you see fit – heh).

  • Guin’s New Car by Matthew Robertson : Penguin. Polar bear. Red convertible. What more could you ask for?
  • Journey by Kent Culotta : I had to include this one if only to remind myself to someday share the story of Hobo Day at my elementary school and, you know, because it’s a great illustration.
  • Journey by Hollie Hibbert : I feel much like this snail today.
  • Hedra and Ellie by Helene : This may very well be the cutest elephant I have ever seen.
  • Podr├│┼╝ by Katarzyna Zalewska : The colors in the hot air balloon are so well done.
  • Journey by Alison Kolesar : I am a fool for anything with birches. Reminds me of home…a place I haven’t been in a very long time.
  • Journey by Angie : I love that this piece was done using free motion sewing. As someone whose attempts at sewing a straight line end up looking very much like this, I am very impressed.
  • Journey by Amie Marie : Oh, the colors!
  • Journey on Tracks by Shirshir Naik : So simple and serene.
  • Adventures on a Rocket by Lu Azevedo : So sweet that she made this into a mural for her son. What a lucky kid!
  • Journey by Ana Carmichael : Ooo, a bird!
  • On the Road Again by Sam McCullen : So cute. I thought of doing something similar to illustrate Izzy’s journey.
  • Journey by Lisa Lorenz : Amazing color!
  • Journey by Pete Proctor : Love this polar bear.
  • Journey by Allen Helbig : Just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit…

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2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites : Journey

  1. Hi Ruth,
    Thanks for ~liking~ my little “journey” into free motion sewing and for including me in your Friday Favorites!
    Happy Easter!

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