Friday Favorites : Duet

Recently, I received a very nice comment from someone who was featured in my Friday Favorites. It is so good to know that being included here makes people feel special.

I constantly struggle with not knowing whether anyone enjoys my work, so I know how it feels to muddle through just hoping that someone will notice. I’m glad that I am able to bring a little recognition and happiness to people who really deserve it.

That being said, here are this week’s featured fifteen. I encourage you to leave comments on their work, it really does make a difference.

  • Hummingbirds by Cloudery : This piece is just gorgeous. And striking. And flawless. And, I could go on spouting adjectives all day, but I won’t. Stunning. Okay, okay, I’m done.
  • The Armadillo with the Bird by His Side by Emma Arnold : There were a lot of bird-themed submissions this week. I found this one to be rather unique. The detail work is fabulous and the colors are very, very nice.
  • Duet by Christine Hargreaves : Another well done bird duet, the patterns in this piece are lovely and the background color complements them so well.
  • Duet! by Chiara Fiorentino : An adorable non-bird duet. These two characters are so very cute together that I can’t help but wonder what kinds of adventures they might share.
  • Duet by Anastasia Kierst : Snails playing the tuba? Brilliant!
  • Duet by Jane Massey : This little duet is completely adorable and brings back fond memories of my recorder-playing days at the G&T school.
  • Duet by Jeslyn Cantrell : Another cute pair – these two have an entrepreneurial spirit that brings back more childhood memories (although, my lemonade stand consisted of old lawn chairs and a TV tray – heh).
  • Duet by Wellywearer : A pair of blue birds hanging out in a very interesting black & white tree. Love the style here and the design in the trunk of the tree.
  • Duet by Ale Balanzario : I just can’t resist a blue bird…or a sweet doggy. I love the little song they’re singing.
  • Duet by Afi : I’m usually not one for mushy sentiment (heh), but the details and colors in this piece just totally won me over.
  • Duet by Peter Nyberg : There are two things I can’t resist – beautiful pen & ink drawings and anthropomorphized trees. This piece has them both. Yay!
  • A Couple of Odd Balls by Elizabeth Rose Stanton : There is something creepy but fascinating about this piece. I love how the eyes look weary. My own eyes look much the same way lately.
  • Duet by Fernanda Fonseca : Sober and shifty-eyed – a very interesting and intriguing combination.
  • Duet by Jacob Haynes : More fabulous pen & ink. I have to say that it was the hair that really drew me in. Heh.
  • Duet by Kylie : And, last but certainly not least, everyone’s favorite duetting duo of yesteryear!

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5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites : Duet

  1. Ruth, you are too cute! Of course you may have pizza and art day with us….we’ll even hang up a flyer or two, or ten, or fifty. However, I don’t know what good that would do little Izzy, unless she’s hoofed it to Ohio. Perhaps she has hitch-hiked? In which case, she is welcome to have pizza and art day, as well! 😉
    Also wanted you to know how much I enjoy your Illustration Friday posts. I try to look at all of the submissions, but I never seem to be able to catch up. I can’t wait to go back and see your featured fifteen. You, obviously, have marvelous taste!
    xo Deirdre

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