Friday Favorites : Bottled

It’s Friday! Time for some illustration goodness.

As always, there were tons of great submissions this week. And, as always, I was challenged to narrow them down to a select fifteen.

I hope I did a good job.

Two things before we get to the awesomeness: 1) New Friday Favorites graphic! Like it? Hate it? Didn’t even notice it? and 2) In honor of Izzy’s homecoming, I have a BIG giveaway coming. Stay tuned!

Now, on to the illustrations…

  • Winehound by Leah Palmer Preiss : I have always thought about dyeing with wine, but never painting. An awesome idea with an awesome result. I love how she has shared the details of her process as well.
  • Bottled by Shirley Ng-Benitez : Speaking of wine, this gorgeous illustration would make a fantastic wine label (and totally make me buy any bottle of wine I saw it on).
  • Bottled by Ilaria Benedetti : The contrast in this illustration is great and the colored bubbles are so fun!
  • Bottled by Belise : This week there were many illustrations with bottles of different sizes and shapes in a number of arrangements, but what really set this one apart was the colors and the process.
  • Bottled by Lisa Rivas : One of this week’s most unique (and cool) contributions. Despite the fact that I already have a stockpile of water bottles, I may have to invest in one of these.
  • Bottled by Elena S. Trejo : I have to admit that when I first read the topic for the week, I had the Police’s ‘Message in a Bottle’ stuck in my head for days (and there it goes again!). So, I was so happy to see this illustration. Such a cool idea and very well executed…plus, it has a paper boat. Sweet.
  • Message in a Bottle by Axel Zapata : Another take on the same song. Heh, heh.
  • Bottled by Kelly Murphy : I love the tone and the details in this piece. The bubbles in the sky are my favorite.
  • Sail Away by Dinara Mirtalipova : Of all the great ship in a bottle submissions this week, this one was definitely my favorite. Love, love, love the clouds and the water.
  • Bottled by Sayantan Halder : For a minute, I thought I would do a firefly illustration this week because I hadn’t seen any in my journey through the week’s submissions. Then, I saw this and I knew that nothing I would do could compare.
  • Bottled by Ilaria Musazzi : There is something about the colors in this illustration that make it extra sweet.
  • Anteater by fuzzywork : Poor anteater. He doesn’t have a clue.
  • Bottled by Roberta Baird : It’s hard not to feel sad for this squished up little guy. He’s just so cute.
  • Bottled by Bill Jaynes : Wonderful representation of how it feels to have bottled up emotions. The expression on his face and the way he fills the entire bottle add to the feeling of frustration.
  • Bottled Anger Management by M. Patrizio : And if you keep it all bottled (or canned, in this case) up, here is where you’ll end up. I can’t help but laugh every time I look at this. The poor wine bottle, he’s only trying to help.

More cool stuff:

One thought on “Friday Favorites : Bottled

  1. this is really cool!

    Is there any way to post the illustrations without us having to click through to each one? I really like looking at them all but by the time i’m halfway through the list i tend to give up with the clicking there and back again.

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