Friday Favorites : Bicycle

Bicycles, bicycles, bicycles. Not so easy to learn to ride. Not so easy to draw (which is probably the reason that I weasled my way out of Illustration Friday this week. What can I say? I’m a wimp.).

Fortunately, as is often the case, there are a lot of other people more skilled than myself who were willing and able to take on the challenge. And here are some of them…

You’ll notice that I was kind of a stickler and only included illustrations of true two-wheeled bicycles. To be fair there were some pretty cool unicycle and tricycle submissions this week too. Visit to see them.

  • Toto’s Escape by Phil Rood : This was definitely a favorite Favorite this week. The expression on Elmira Gulch’s face is just perfect…and Toto’s too, for that matter.
  • Bicycle by Kirstin McCulloch : There’s something delightfully melancholy about the girls in this piece and that makes me love it. The detail in the door is rather eye-catching too.
  • Bird Gang Riding Away by Deniz Yegin : For whatever reason, I am a sucker for birds and these ones are just so cool.
  • Bicycle by Kristyna Litten : I’m also a sucker for cute characters and these ones fit that bill quite well.
  • Bicycle by Elli Moody : So many colors. So many patterns. So much fun!
  • Bicycle by Weef : I’m fairly certain that this bear and I share at least one physical characteristic when riding on a bike. And I’m not talking about a fish in the mouth. Heh.
  • Bicycle Bread Girl by Laura Galbraith : Once upon a time, I shared a physical characteristic with this bicycle rider as well. *sigh* How I miss my pink hair.
  • Bicycle by Fourborne : I just love the colors in this beautiful piece. Also, quite brilliant the way she used perspective to her advantage and didn’t have to draw the entire bicycle.
  • Into the Sunset by Nadine Feghaly : Another piece that is just beautiful. The way she captured the sunset is very impressive.
  • Bicycle by Karen Krings : The diminutive cyclist amongst all the white space is just brilliant! It makes a simple illustration that much more interesting.
  • Bicycle by Andi Osiek : The expression on the dog’s face is priceless, especially when compared to the look on Red Riding Hood’s face.
  • Bicycle by Shawn McCann : Who wouldn’t love a flying bicycle?
  • …like a fish needs a bicycle by Linda Silvestri : Great colors in an all-around fun illustration.
  • Hamster Powered by Auki : Hamster-driven bicycle? Yes, please!
  • Bicycle by Kinnon Elliott : …so get on out there and ride!

Now, go see more great stuff at!

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5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites : Bicycle

  1. A million thank-you’s. You’ve made my day. I was so excited. This means so much to me because I have no formal training. I just love to create because it helps me to be whole.

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