Toddler Photography : Another Photo Outing

Sir and I had another photo outing this week. We met up with a good friend of ours who works at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. Yes, you read that correctly, she works at the zoo. Best.Job.Ever.

I am sad to report that once we got past the iron lions at the entrance to the zoo, Sir lost pretty much all interest in taking photos. He couldn’t be bothered with it once he realized that he was free to run around the zoo completely unfettered like…well, a wild animal.

I did get him to take two photos though (I’m not counting the ‘I’m holding the camera and randomly pushing the shutter while pointing at the ground and picnic tables’ shots. Heh.). After taking a picture of one lion, he insisted on hugging and then photographing the other lion.

Still working on the old hand/eye coordination, but he’s getting there!


photos : iron lions by sir

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