Izzy at Large

Izzy the dog is still missing.

We spent the whole weekend doing everything we could to find her. We have distributed nearly 300 flyers with another 300 ready to go out today. We did a tracking sniff with Dogs Finding Dogs on Saturday that gave us a general idea of where she has been and focused our flyer efforts there. We also put down a scent trail leading to our house and set up a feeding station on our front porch. Still, no Izzy.

Last night, we finally got our first leads. The first seems legitimate and we are following up on it today. The second was completely frustrating and heartbreaking.

Sir has been sick since last week and I seem to have caught his illness. Today is the first time in two days that I have been able to sit up long enough to blog. I had a fever of 102° and couldn’t manage to drag myself out of bed. When the calls about Izzy came in last night, Big Sir (who had injured his ankle on the tracking sniff, but was still pounding the pavement all weekend posting flyers) had no choice but to grab our neighbor and our dog Yofi and start searching.

The boy on the phone told us that he had seen Izzy about 2 hours earlier in a neighborhood a few blocks from here. As the search party departed, the phone rang again. The same boy, out of breath now, told us that he had been chasing Izzy, but couldn’t manage to catch her. With the search still going on and daylight quickly departing, the boy called again to tell me that he was still chasing Izzy (and now two other dogs) toward a park in Baltimore City. It was at this point that I finally heard from my husband who told me that my neighbor had run into the boy and spoken to him. Apparently, his story kept changing and he was very interested in finding out how much the reward would be, which leads us to believe that he had never actually seen Izzy and was just messing around in hopes of either securing some reward money or just getting a rise out of us.

And so, with darkness descending, they returned home without our Izzy girl.

As soon as I find the energy, Sir and I will be heading out to post more flyers. This afternoon, we’ll do another tracking sniff in the area where Izzy was spotted.

This situation has taken a serious toll (emotionally and financially) on all of us. Sir has been exhibiting some behaviors that we have never seen in him before and we can only attribute it to his little mind’s (and heart’s) inability to understand this loss. Any time we go outside, he looks around and calls Izzy’s name. It is heartbreaking to witness.

In spite of all this, the outpouring of support has been more than we could have imagined. Our neighbors have really stepped up to the plate – printing and distributing flyers and helping with searches. The Facebook page now has over 100 fans, most of whom are people we don’t even know, but who are helping to get the word out about Izzy. They come from as near as our own neighborhood and as far as Sweden. The Internet is an amazing thing. I just hope it can help us find our girl.

One last thing, I will be making a dedicated post about this, but wanted to get it out there now – I have made a limited number of prints from my Izzy the Dog illustrations and I am offering them at a very reasonable price on Etsy. We are hoping to raise money to add to the reward we are offering and for a donation to Dogs Finding Dogs.

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