It’s Giveaway Time!

As mentioned previously, it is seriously time for me to clean out my studio. This means some pieces will finally be listed on Etsy, some will be repurposed and turned into something new, a sad few may just be tossed, and some will be GIVEN away (yay!).

So, the first giveaway is for the bracelet in the photo. It is glass and sterling silver with a toggle clasp. Do you want it? Then read further.

Psst…the matching earrings are on Etsy for 50% off right now.

This giveaway is going to be almost as easy as the last one. All you need to do is leave a comment on THIS POST. However, instead of leaving it open to just total random commenting, you’re going to have to do a me a little favor.

This week, I will be buying a new sketchbook and I need some inspiration in order to fill it. So, I want the comments on this post to be a sort of prompt for something to draw, paint, etc. You can leave a favorite quote, a link to something you think might inspire me, a one-word topic similar to an Illustration Friday theme, or you can just tell me what you’d like to see me create. One comment per person (but you can leave as much inspiration in that one comment as you’d like).

See? Super easy.

I’m going to leave comments open until this Friday, March  11. When comments close at noon EST, I’ll go to and let them pick a number. The person whose comment number matches the winning number will be the big winner. Okay? Ok.

Everybody ready? 1…2…3…comment!

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5 thoughts on “It’s Giveaway Time!

  1. Beautiful bracelet, Ruth! I love the earrings, too. Here’s a quote I was just thinking of the other day for some reason…such nice imagery.

    “There is a place where the sidewalk ends,
    And before the street begins,
    And there the grass grows soft and white,
    And there the sun burns crimson bright,
    And there the moon-bird rests from his flight
    To cool in the peppermint wind.”

  2. ooh, interesting. I like this. (though, having won a giveaway in the past, it is perfectly fine if you excuse me from the giveaway part. Not that I don’t love the bracelet. Because I do. But I think you get my point.).

    HOWEVER I still want to play! So, for inspiration, this is just some brainstorming here:

    – today i saw the first crocus of the season. rich purple. very cheerful.
    – I tend to look at things very, very close up. So, a close-up perspective.
    – texture

  3. I’m buying some seeds for my garden and I thought it’d be cool to do a sketchbook filled with their weekly progress.

    Another thing I’ve always wanted to do is a “view from the window” sketchbook…as the seasons change, etc.

    Enjoy your new project!

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