Friday Favorites : Warning

Warning: extreme awesomeness ahead.

Great stuff again this week from the Illustration Friday crowd. I never cease to be amazed at the skill and creativity that is out there. Totally gives me something to aspire to.

Here are my favorites from this week.

  • Warning by Amanda Dilworth : The colors and patterns in this illustration are fantastic. Very well done.
  • Warning(s) by Krista Hamrick : Fantastic food illustrations with added warnings. Clever, if not a little alarming with regards to the rising instances of food allergies.
  • Warning or How I Lost My Lunch, and My Grandmother by Woody Miller : Heh, heh. If you like the title, you’ll LOVE the illustration. Little Red Riding Hood’s cheerful, unsuspecting gait really makes this illustration!
  • Warning by Lori-Lee Thomas : I’ve never been a big fan of ‘lighthouse art’, but I must say that I really do love this. Ahhh, I’m such a sucker for blue (and swirls).
  • Warning by Romina Perez : So clever and cute. He looks non-threatening, but would you pet him?
  • Purp by Anna Raff : Warning: There will be no warning shot. Heh. This bird means business.
  • Warning by Brooke Boynton Hughes : Another take on Little Red Riding Hood. The expressions on both of their faces as they look at each other are great.
  • Warning by Patti Backer : I love the big-eyed birds and that the branch is just floating out in space.
  • Warning by Paige Keiser : This illustration and the sentiment behind it are so sweet…and sad. It’s okay, Crocodile, we’ve all been there.
  • Global Warning by Karen Eide : This is a beautiful encaustic and mixed media piece. The way the leaves seamlessly turn to fish is fantastic.
  • Warning by Andrea Ebert : Very nice color and composition in this piece.  The simple elements work well together in getting a message across.
  • Warning by Genevieve Santos : Tell me, who can resist a narwahl? The color and perspective in this piece are wonderful…and there’s a narwahl!
  • Warning by Ces : Clever, funny, and very well drawn. Nuts. Heh.
  • Warning by Afi : Fair warning, but I still don’t believe it. This little blue bird is far too adorable to be dangerous.
  • Chinese Breeches by Horacio Guzman : Love the pen & ink!  Poor kid didn’t even see it coming.

More cool stuff:

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