Friday Favorites : Stir

It’s Friday! Time for some illustration goodness.

This week’s topic was ‘stir’. Many of the submissions this week made me hungry and, in some cases, thirsty. Some made me sad. Some just made me think.

It was very difficult for me to narrow my favorites down to fifteen this week. But, I did (sort of)…and here they are.

  • The Stirrer by Catherine : The look on this fellow’s face makes you wonder what is in the bowl. Hmm…
  • Stir by Lakhsmita Indira : This piece is just completely gorgeous.
  • Latte by Cloudery : I have mentioned my love of pen & ink drawings before, so I’m sure it will come as no surprise that I think this is fantastic.
  • Coffee Stirrer by Sarah Ryan : Another great pen drawing with a splash of watercolor. The steam coming from the cup is great.
  • Stir by Rafa Simon : Love the modern peaceful pastoral scene with the solitary cow on a hill…and, of course, the kid poking poo with a stick. Heh.
  • Harmful Rumours by Allistair Burt : The spoon may be an instigator, but I heard the garlic press has bad breath.
  • Stir by Cristina Bellacicco : This is just fabulously fun!
  • Stir by Sandra Jessop : I just love the simplicity and the color of this piece
  • Stir Your Brain by Evella de Bella : Clever, cute, with a pinch of disturbing. Heh.
  • Stir by Maria Riveral : Another great take on stirring ones thoughts. I adore this illlustration!
  • Stir by Sharon Hinchliffe : More beautiful pen work. Gorgeous!
  • Stir by Amy Cartwright : Just so cute!
  • Stir by Holly Sterling : And the cuteness just keeps on coming!
  • Stir by Laura Vernon : A great illustration and a cookie recipe – it doesn’t get any better than this!
  • One-Ton Wonton by Aaron Quist : Look out! Heh, heh. Awesome.

So, I normally only feature fifteen favorites each week, but there were a number of submissions dealing with recent events in Japan that I felt compelled to share. I am giving them their own little section in my Friday Favorites and I’m just including the links sans commentary as they speak for themselves.

More cool stuff:

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