Friday Favorites : Cultivate

It’s Friday again and I am unsure how exactly we got here. This past week has been kind of a blur. I’m still in a bit of a haze, so please forgive any clumsy grammar or general nonsensical-ness in this week’s Friday Favorites.

It is spring now (at least, it’s supposed to be. It was snowing here yesterday when I dropped Sir off at school. Ugh.), and that conjures images of warmth and growth. Appropriately, this week’s topic was ‘cultivate’, which often brings to mind the same.

Again, I had a very difficult time narrowing my favorites down to a mere fifteen. There’s just too much freaking talent out there.

Here’s what I loved this week…

  • Cultivate by Ginger Nielson : I love the way that both the agricultural and the relationship aspects of the word ‘cultivate’ are represented in this piece. Check out the pattern used in the sheep’s wool – very nice.
  • Cultivate by Rita Balixa : This is just an adorable illustration all the way around. I especially love the chicken’s expression.
  • Was Once a Gardener by Keszeg Agnes Rajzai : A brilliant series of illustrations. The detail in the tree people is fantastic.
  • Cultivate by Lilly Blue : Beautiful and whimsical. Love.
  • Cultivate by Robert Dunn : The detail in this piece is wonderful. And the color – perfection.
  • Cultivate Your Dreams by Isabelle Cardinal : I love the concept and I especially love the execution. I have a similar dream of illustrating a book and I hope my dandelion will fly sooner rather than later.
  • Cultivate by Jessica M. Lopez : Tiny bulbs cultivate their dreams of becoming tulips. Aww.
  • Cultivate by Michelle Tessier : So fun – I especially love the trees and the water droplets.
  • Cultivate by Roshini Pochont : I am a closet Totoro fan (shhh!), so this illustration makes me all kinds of happy!
  • Cultivate by Angela Rozelaar : This little girl is just too adorable.
  • Cultivate by Roberta Baird : This is such a sweet illustration and the use of color is just great.
  • Cultivate by Dani Torrent : The composition and perspective in this piece are so interesting.
  • The Dragon by Maria Bogade : This piece really is flawless. I can totally relate to this dragon’s victim. I have felt very much chewed up and spit out this week.
  • Cultivate by Dave Palmer : Heh. Heh.
  • Cultivate by Ryan Hernandez : A totally fun homage to ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ – the look on Seymour’s face is excellent!

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